• Erika Vikander takes 1st place at Canyons NYE Rail Jam

    This year’s Canyons New Years Eve rail jam found our Akinz team rider, Erika Vikander, in first place. Hear about the event straight from her mouth:

    erikaThe Canyons hosted their 3rd annual New Years Eve rail jam on Thursday, December 31. They went all out this year. The setup was awesome! You had an option of two zones. Zone 1 started you off with a nice single barrel down rail, to a double barrel down-flat-down, to a fence. Zone 2 contained a fun box with a nice little drop off the end, to a giant corrugated tube, that you could either jib, or hit like a jump, ending with a VW Rabbit Jib.

    All of the riders were pumped and the session commenced. We had about an hour long jam session, throughout which judges were tapping riders and letting them know whether or not they made finals. All of the finalists were given glow sticks! After receiving one I decided to take it easy until finals started.
    After a short intermission to fix the course finals started. By that time the snow had slowed down a little bit, and everyone was tired. There were a couple of bad falls due to fatigue. In the end I came out on top with $100 and Alice Gong took second.

    I hope The Canyons continues to put on events like this. It was so nice to go to an event that was well maintained and FUN! The crowd was pumped, live music, fireworks, what more could you ask for?


  • Park City is OPEN!

    A post from Erika Vikander on December 20th about the opening of Park City.

    ErikaPark City has finally opened, with 3 parks up and running. The first few days of shredding we all got to enjoy a very nice little 3 jump line right on homerun. The jumps are so fun! The new park director of PC is doing a great job, and I am excited to see what he has in store for the rest of the season, and the bigger parks.

    They also opened up pik-n-shovel. The setup in there is so fun. Starting off with two picnic tables together to make a long one, down rail, wall ride, another down rail, and into the jumpline. With 5 perfectly built jumps to session, people are throwing down, and it’s easy to learn new tricks, because they are not your typical lippy park city jumps. The pipe is open too- and its HUGE! I haven’t had the opportunity to ride it yet, but I will definitely make my way over there tomorrow!

    That’s it thats all folks! Go ride PC!

  • Erika talks about the Backyard Bang

    We went down and supported Erika at Backyard Bang and had a lot of fun.  Lots of good riders.  Lots of fun tricks.  The setup seemed a little cramped, but I guess that’s what happens when you have a rail jam in the middle of downtown on a 2-lane street. :)  Ran into our friend Chris Rogers from Sbgmag.com who took this killer photo of Erika showing off her skills.  This is what Erika had to say about the competition:


    The backyard bang hit Denver’s Art Institute of Colorado on Saturday. They closed off Lincoln street and put a three feature setup in the middle of the street! It was a beautiful day, about 55 degrees, sunny, and blue skies. Lots of spectators flocked to the street to watch everyone throw down. I think registration was one of the most packed full little tents I have ever been in. So many guys trying to register day of for 45 spots. Luckily, every girl gets to compete, because there are so few of us. Turns out there were more than they expected, so they split us up into groups of about 4 and threw us into the guys heats.

    The drop in was to say the least, fast. Before you even had time to think about what you were doing you were already at the rail! Unfortunately the landing was flat too, so some people hit pretty hard without any transition for it.
    Next year I hope they build some sort of landing, and it would be nice if they had put all the girls in the same heat. A lot of the girls seem to get overlooked when they are in a heat with 4 of them and 15 guys. I’m not exactly sure what they were thinking only taking the top 3 girls to finals, with 5 girls at least more have a chance, and there is a mystery as to who will get top 3!
    Shred Betties girls were all killing it. I think we each were in a different heat and everyone was definitely shining. Everyone had a good time and was smiling and thats what counts!
  • Come support Akinz team rider Erika Vikander at Denver’s Backyard Bang

    Erika Vikander, our solo female team rider will be competing in this weekend’s Backyard Bang in Denver. The Backyard Bang is a celebration of Art, Music, Food, and of course snowboarding, put on by Salomon Snowboards and the Art Institute of Colorado. For more information or to register, click here. Otherwise, just come out and support Erika and Akinz from 11-5 at 1200 Lincoln St in Denver, CO

    Backyard Bang flyer

    Backyard Bang flyer

  • Interactive Akinz road trip!

    So, we’re halfway through our little road trip, but our next stop is only 5 hours away today. We’re leaving Chicago and headed to the Hawkeye State of Iowa for the capitol town of Des Moines.

    We decided we would race you. Armed only with our GPS, Thelma “Danger” Maxwell, Twizzlers, and a camera…. you’ve got a pretty good chance to beat us, cause we are distracted easily. All you have to do is go to the website and use the discount code HAWKEYE to get 60% off your entire order. That’s right, even the new stuff. But, as soon as we check in to Des Moines, it’s no more discount, so get it while it’s good!

    I’ll keep you updated along the way for your deadline… see you on the road!

  • Team Rider Max hosts backyard rail jam bday bash

    Max Middlestadt talks about his upcoming rail jam comp set in his very own backyard:

    For everyone who rides, you know there’s no better feeling than that first pre-season drop-in on your backyard jib. After a solid shoveling session at the local arena, the trailer is loaded up and en route to the about-to-be shredded setup. Every year around this time me and the local crew get together to enjoy those first runs of the season. To me its hard to beat having your good friends out, best tunes, and a fun setup to throw down on right at your own place, so last season i got the idea to get all my buddies out and have one big jam. With a 28′ long down flat down box, live DJ, product to give away (courtesy of Akinz, Dialogue, and United Riders) and my birthday the day after i think there is definitely potential to have a wicked night with close friends, and good tricks. Sights are set on Friday October 23, to hold the jam and things are looking up right now just hoping the weather holds out for us.

    backyard jam

    Akinz is delivering some goodies for the winners, so if you’re up in Canada… get out there. 🙂

  • Help Support the Akinz Team by shopping!

    Since Akinz has announced our new team for the 09/10 winter season, they’ve come up with some big ideas, but unfortunately, Akinz is still fairly small company. So, Akinz is giving them the opportunity to grow the Team Fund… this fund will go towards travel for comps, backyard rail jams, video edits, or whatever else they come up with.

    So, now is your chance to help them out! If there is an item you’ve had your eye on on the Akinz site, buy it between now and October 19th and 20% of the sale will go to their Fun/Travel/Comp Fund.

    Shop http://www.shop.akinz.com now!

  • 09/10 Team Announced!

    We’re gearing up for the 09/10 winter season and we’ve got some awesome new team members ready to hit the slopes.

    On Snowboard, we’ve got Erika Vikander of Salt Lake City and Max Middlestadt of Canada joining the ranks.

    On Ski, we’ve got young’uns Josh Satterfield and Brandon Krentz from Steamboat showing us how it’s done. Stay tuned to see more from these guys on their recent competitions, shenanigans, and how you can get more involved!

  • Erika Vikander talks about the S3 Supergirl Jam

    Erika Vikander

    September 6th 2009
    Venice Beach. A place full of things; shops, people, beaches, and on Sunday September 6th, snow! The Supergirl Jam is always a fun competition. Many people down there have never even seen snow, let alone a bunch of girls killing it on a handrail.
    Practice was a little scary to watch. Unfortunately there was some carnage right away. After a couple drops everyone seemed to figure out the course and we were off! The first heat went well for me, I had to work for it though. All the other girls were really getting down. Laurie Currier was just dominating all day long and deserved her first place finish.

    By finals, I think everyone was pretty hot and tired. Laurie held it down and claimed her first place. Everyone seemed to be pretty equal in ability in the finals, yet some people placed higher than they should have. I was extremely happy about my performance, I landed everything I wanted to.
    All in all, Supergirl is one of my favorite competitions to do based on the vibe. It was so nice to be around a bunch of down to earth girls who shred!

  • Save the Snow with Akinz

    In honor of Earth Day, we decided to help out a cause that stays close to our hearts.  We want to keep the snow on the mountains year after year so we can all have fun shredding it.  That said, we are going to donate 5% of all sales from now through the end of April to the Save the Snow cause sponsored by the Student Conservation Association.

    Start shopping now and help Save the Snow!