• Akinz is headed to Surf Expo next weekend!

    The Akinz​ crew will be out at Surf Expo to promo​te and try to scout​ ideas​ for (​hopef​ully)​ our first​ Surf Expo booth​ in Janua​ry.​ If anyon​e else is gonna​ be out there​ or lives​ in the Orlan​do area,​ hit us up! We’d love to meet up and chat.​ And if you own a shop and you’​re gonna​ be out there​,​ we’d love to meet up, buy you a drink​,​ and get you to buy our t-shirts and hats​!​ 🙂

    So, shoot​ us a messa​ge if you’​re atten​ding!​

  • Akinz is Accessorizing!

    We are now selling jewelry with some of our signature t-shirt designs.  Get a set of earrings made out of bottlecaps for only $8 or dangle a pendant on a scrabble piece from your neck for only $12.  There’s never been a cheaper or cooler way to sport Akinz.

    Don’t see the design you love from one of our mens or womens t-shirts on the site?  Send us an email to info (at) akinz.com.  We’re accepting custom orders for these styles!

  • “Where’d the gnar go?” winner announced!

    After staring at some pretty sick photos for about an hour, I finally decided that this pic stood out above them all!


    Fredrik Savenberg

    Fredrik Savenberg

    We thought this pic was the perfect combination of excellent photographic skills and boarding skills.  There were so many good shots!  Thank you all for entering! Fredrik won his choice of one of our t-shirts as his prize.  Want to be involved the next time there’s an opportunity to win one of our t-shirts or hats?  Join our newsletter to receive current promotions!

  • ‘Where’d the gnar go?’ contest

    Akinz is giving away one of our t-shirts or hats just because we’re bored and we miss winter.  Read on below to see how you could win.

  • New Site design is live!!

    The new website is finally up, and not in shambles or incomplete links.  If you came while we were in the process of ironing out the kinks, I apologize!  We are very excited for our new format though.  It offers a streamlined shopping cart so that you can easily browse all of our graphic t-shirts and hats!

  • We’re cleaning out the stockroom!

    AkiNz is cleaning out the stockroom to move into a new office and we have been finding all sorts of goodies along the way.  These goodies will be appearing up in the Shop for sale at killer prices!  First up is the sole survivor of the original AkiNz Heartwing T-shirt.  Originally priced at $34, it’s on sale now for only $12… sorry, size small only… grab it quick!

  • Peacock tank featured on Shredbetties.com!

    Our new Peacock ‘Shake your Tailfeather’ tank was featured on Shredbetties in the article, 15 Tanks for Summer along with some of our other fave brands!  Check out this tank top and some of our other t-shirts at www.shop.akinz.com

  • Be Back Soon!

    We’re working on redesigning our new site, but we’ll be back soon!  Please check out our temporary store at Shop.akinz.com