• Nobody likes puny discounts

    So, waking up this morning with the snow falling, we got really excited about the opening day being only 2 weeks away. But then when we went to change the discount code to 14% off, we realized that 14% is not very exciting. So, to match our excitement for the fluffy whiteness that is raining down outside, we decided to ramp up the discount to 25% and leave it there until the mountain opens.

    Slice ‘n Dice t-shirts are now up for sale and keep checking back to see some winter hats hit the racks soon!

  • Counting down to opening day with discounts!

    So, I know the lifts are already turning at a few choice resorts, but here in Steamboat where we’re located, we’re 35 days away from opening day.  Since I know everyone is getting a little ancy, there’s a little reward from us to keep you going.  For each day, however many days are left til opening, that’s the discount you’ll get.  So, 35 days til opening today, you get 35% off any order at www.akinz.com. 

    That’s right, any t-shirt, hat, headband, necklace, whatever you want!  But, hurry!  Cause tomorrow there will only be 34 days til opening.  hee hee :)  Just use the discount code GIVEMESNOW at checkout and enjoy the savings!  Soon we’ll all be shredding! 

    Here’s the photo of the day from Steamboat’s website just to get you excited!

  • International Analytics and shipping

    So, we recently started using Google Analytics to try and figure out who looks at our site and why and where they come from. Anyway, a little feature I just stumbled upon is the visitor map which I instantly spent about 10 minutes playing with. Apparently we have had visitors from 19 different countries, including 4 visitors from Moldova and I’m not even sure where that is.

    After figuring that out, I thought now might be a good time to answer a question I get asked a lot, Do you ship internationally? YES! We do ship internationally and have our checkout system set up for about 9 different countries. If you are shopping from Moldova, for instance, and don’t find your country on the list but you want to buy something, just shoot me an email and I’ll set it up.

    Akinz is currently set up to ship our t-shirts, hats, and jewelry to:
    Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany, and Sweden

    Plus, I just added Moldova… just for fun. 🙂

  • Want to be our internet friends?

    Here at Akinz, we like to reach out to people online, so we’re members of a few places online where we thought you might like to catch up with us…

    Add us on Facebook at Akinz facebook home page or you can become a fan of our page on Facebook and enter our monthly giveaway! Akinz fan page

    If you love the internet as much as we do and you’re on Twitter, follow us at www.twitter.com/akinzboardwear

  • Get your Slice & Dice stickers!

    We are back from Surf Expo and are giving away all our extra stickers.  The Slice and Dice t-shirts are still on their way, but for now, get your Akinz Slice & Dice sticker. (below)  The stickers are 3″ x 3″ and you can get yours simply by emailing us with your address.  Either hit us up through our contact page or email info (at) akinz.com

    As for the t-shirts that are on their way, here’s a sneak peek…

    Mens short-sleeve t-shirt is $24 and womens long-sleeve t-shirt is $26!  coming soon…

  • Akinz is headed to Surf Expo next weekend!

    The Akinz​ crew will be out at Surf Expo to promo​te and try to scout​ ideas​ for (​hopef​ully)​ our first​ Surf Expo booth​ in Janua​ry.​ If anyon​e else is gonna​ be out there​ or lives​ in the Orlan​do area,​ hit us up! We’d love to meet up and chat.​ And if you own a shop and you’​re gonna​ be out there​,​ we’d love to meet up, buy you a drink​,​ and get you to buy our t-shirts and hats​!​ 🙂

    So, shoot​ us a messa​ge if you’​re atten​ding!​

  • Akinz is Accessorizing!

    We are now selling jewelry with some of our signature t-shirt designs.  Get a set of earrings made out of bottlecaps for only $8 or dangle a pendant on a scrabble piece from your neck for only $12.  There’s never been a cheaper or cooler way to sport Akinz.

    Don’t see the design you love from one of our mens or womens t-shirts on the site?  Send us an email to info (at) akinz.com.  We’re accepting custom orders for these styles!

  • “Where’d the gnar go?” winner announced!

    After staring at some pretty sick photos for about an hour, I finally decided that this pic stood out above them all!


    Fredrik Savenberg

    Fredrik Savenberg

    We thought this pic was the perfect combination of excellent photographic skills and boarding skills.  There were so many good shots!  Thank you all for entering! Fredrik won his choice of one of our t-shirts as his prize.  Want to be involved the next time there’s an opportunity to win one of our t-shirts or hats?  Join our newsletter to receive current promotions!

  • ‘Where’d the gnar go?’ contest

    Akinz is giving away one of our t-shirts or hats just because we’re bored and we miss winter.  Read on below to see how you could win.

  • New Site design is live!!

    The new website is finally up, and not in shambles or incomplete links.  If you came while we were in the process of ironing out the kinks, I apologize!  We are very excited for our new format though.  It offers a streamlined shopping cart so that you can easily browse all of our graphic t-shirts and hats!