Radiate Alchemy Triblend Tee


Super soft tri-blend tshirt in steel blue heather with white Radiate Alchemy design hand printed on front.  (See below for more details about the design and the inspiration behind it).

40% of each tee sold goes directly to Shaley Scott to produce her new album.



The Radiate Alchemy design is inspired by Shaley Scott’s new upcoming album, “Radiate” and the idea she visits about metamorphosis throughout the album.  This idea and the chat we had with her about what her album means to her led us to be inspired by alchemy and started this design with a transmutational circle.  The symbols in the middle represent Akinz, Radiate, and the alchemy symbol for ‘melting’ to represent the partnership between Akinz, Shaley Scott and Sugarfox Records.  We then took the lyrics, “Life is odd, so am I. Don’t you tell me where to fly. Lightning bolt in my hand… RADIATE… it’s not too late” from the title song to inspire the rest of the shirt design.  We’re super happy with how the design turned out.

If you love it too, please grab yourself one and 40% of your purchase will go towards producing her new album.

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