Tony Hagedorn

Tony Hagedorn

Tony is a laid-back rider hailing from Park City where he makes his moolah working as part of the park crew at the Canyons. He recently nabbed 2nd place at the Neff Showdown at the Canyons and has been doing a lot of filming lately with the Niche Snowboards crew. We met up with him at SIA this year and are stoked to add him to our team!

Current Setup:

Board: Niche Knew
Boots: some old thirytwo’s
Bindings: Unions. Love them!


Akinz, Niche Snowboards, Smith, Skullcandy, Rollic

Home Mountain:

The Canyons, but I would never say no to a pow day at the bird or Brighton.

Best trick in your pocket?

Everyday is something new but for the most part I’m constantly working on bettering my style.

What trick are you working on right now?

I rotated my first 1080 the other day. So I’m hoping to dial it in soon.

How long have you been riding?

I have been snowboarding for many moons… 15 years!

What is it about snowboarding/skateboarding that gets you excited?

I love the freedom and satisfaction that sk8ing and snowboarding gives me.

Describe your shred style:

I like to think of my style as a ninja ballet.

Anything that makes you extra special that you think we might like to know?

I learned how to snowboard in South Dakota at the local spot that has a 500 vertical with one chair lift and all man made snow.

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