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Welcome to Akinz, the handcrafted lifestyle brand for the adventurer at heart.



We take pride in adding handcrafted elements to everything we make.  Our shirts are designed and hand printed right in our flagship store in Fort Collins, Colorado and we make the majority of our beanies by hand.

Stop by and you can see whatever we’re working on that day as well as order a custom beanie made just for you.  Akinz has expanded to a wider variety of products, including t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, handmade jewelry, handmade beanies, hoodies, hoodie dresses, trucker hats, wayfarer sunglasses, and accessories.

The Akinz Lifestyle


Akinz, both the company and our products, is infused with the adventurous goals and dreams that it started with. We live to enjoy life, may that be while snowboarding, biking, mountain biking, hiking, wakeboarding, going on grand adventures, or just spending time with great friends. We aim to inspire those around us to live an active lifestyle and to “find their wings” because after all, life’s too short to settle for the ordinary.

Look for our handmade symbol on our beanies and various accessories. These select items have been made, with fine attention to detail, by the hands of the Akinz shop crew. 

Designed in Fort Collins

Our shirts are designed and hand printed right in our flagship store in Fort Collins, Colorado and we make the majority of our beanies by hand.

Made in USA

USA Made and Handcrafted, Just For You!

We are the best friend that you have been looking for.

Akinz has stayed loyal to their commitment to provide handcrafted products from the beginning. Our shirts and hoodies are screen printed in-house.

Our Start


Akinz was founded in 2005 in a studio apartment in Houston, TX by Suzanne Akin with the wings logo and the accompanying motto, Find Your Wings. The Akinz motto which sometimes shows up in the t-shirt designs and is the foundation of the wings logo encourages men and women to find the one thing that motivates them to push life to the limit and reach for the sky. At that time, Akinz consisted only of t-shirts and tank tops and was sold out of the trunk of Suzanne’s purple mini-cooper at wakeboarding events, bars, and wherever else she struck up a conversation with people that were interested in what she was doing.

Akinz followed Suzanne as she had her own adventures, with roots as a wake boarding brand in Texas, then a snowboarding brand in Steamboat Springs, and finally as the Akinz you see here in Fort Collins…a casual brand that loves the outdoors, bikes, beer, the mountains & adventure.  Akinz has always been a reflection of Suzanne, so that may just happen to be what she loves too.



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