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  • Spring Time Soup

    Are you feeling the shoulder season slump? It’s too muddy to get on the trails and there is still snow in the high country but not enough to shred on. What are you going to do with yourself on these Colorado spring days? Check out how Akinz spends our soupy spring days. Continue Reading

  • Fort Collins – Land of Bikes, Beer & more beer

    Chances are if you’ve visited Fort Collins or live locally, you’ve spent a day riding bikes, going on brewery tours and hanging out by the Cache la Poudre river. So we thought we’d create our 2nd summer mini lookbook as an homage to the two things that make the Fort Collins community run… bikes & beer.






    Take a spin down the Poudre bike trail to New Belgium brewing, then continue on to another local fave with the best patio in town, Odell Brewing, and then take a detour back to Old Town Fort Collins, where you can come visit the people who make your tees and beanies, yours truly. See you soon!

    Shop the lookbook: Chambray Flat Bill Hat | Colorblock Pocket Tee | Mountain Patch Hat | Dappled Snapback Hat | The Essentials Tee (Bikes & Beer)

  • It’s Officially Summer!

    Today is the first official day of summer, so we thought we’d get you inspired with a mini summertime lookbook to get you in the mood for some sunshine.







    Shop these styles and more in our womens apparel.

  • Colorado Summer Bucket List

    The Colorado summer sunshine is finally here and we thought we’d help you fill up your summer schedule and share our ‘must-do’ colorado summer bucket list items. So check out the list and then hit the road. And don’t forget to grab some Colorado gear before you go.

    Want to show off that you’re the ultimate Coloradan? Tag @akinzboardwear on instagram with a pic of you doing each of the items on the list and we’ll send you one of our .

    1. See a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

    photo from flickr

    photo from flickr

    Colorado Rocky Mountain air, a sky full of stars, and amazing live music.

    2. Visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

    photo from pinterest

    photo from pinterest

    Hike, sandboard, camp, or just enjoy the view.

    3. Hike to Hanging Lake.

    photo by: Wil Claussen

    photo by: Wil Claussen

    There’s a reason why the parking lot fills at 10am.

    4. Take a Dip at Strawberry Park Hot Springs

    photo by: Wil Claussen

    photo by: Wil Claussen

    Multiple pools, amazing views, and clothing optional after dark if you’re into that kind of thing.

    5. Hike a 14er.

    photo by: Wil Claussen

    photo by: Wil Claussen

    Not only do you get true Coloradan bragging rights, but the views are worth the work.

    6. Enjoy a craft beer straight from the source.

    photo by: Suzanne Akin

    photo by: Suzanne Akin

    Experimental brews, freshly tapped kegs, plus beer tours = free booze.

  • 5 Essentials for your Next Road Trip

    We’re thinking the May snow we got this weekend is the last we’ll see for the season so now our brain is focused on Summer Adventures! Hopefully you have at least 1 or 2 summer road trips planned so we wanted to share our 5 Akinz picks that we believe are essentials for any road trip.

    1. The perfect pair of shades
    Pick from our new selection of polarized wayfarer sunglasses. Our fave is the black with teal mirror lens.

    2. A cozy pullover
    Everyone needs a cozy sweatshirt whether you’re driving thru the night or sleeping under the stars. Our fave is the Ride More, Work Less crewneck. It has super soft sponge fleece and whether you’re headed to Mt. Hood or Moab, the message still rings true.

    3. The perfect beanie
    Whether you’re trekking into the mountains or strolling along a breezy beach, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you won’t need a beanie. Grab our lightweight and machine washable fold beanie in your choice of color.

    4. An everyday tee or tank
    Never leave home without a t-shirt or tank top that you’d be willing to wear the entire road trip, even if you don’t have to. We’ve got a ton of tank top options for you, but our current fave is the “I Just Wanna Ride Bikes” muscle tank.

    5. Summer Hat
    Something to keep the shade out of your eyes and tame the messy road trip hair. Go for a basic black 5 panel or our new fun Dappled Mesh Snapback.

  • 10 reasons to love Pineapples


    Doesn’t it just seem like everyone is obsessed with pineapples lately? I mean, we’re not one to talk. As soon as we printed the first tank top with this summer’s pineapple design, we couldn’t wait to slap it on a few more options of shirts to spread the pineapple love. So what’s with all the hype? Well, we’re here to tell you.

    1. Pineapples symbolize hospitality. According to legend, after a long journey at sea, a captain would spear a pineapple on a fencepost outside his home as an invitation to visit, share food and drink, and listen to tales of his voyage. Hey, we’re all into adventure afterparties.

    2. Pineapples are tasty. Yes, you knew that… but it’s more than enough reason to love them. And they’re even better when tossed on the grill to get them all juicy and sweet. Summertime is just around the corner. Don’t deny your grill the juicy sweetness of a pineapple.

    Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita3. Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita. There’s not much more that I need to say about this one. Spicy? Sweet? Boozy? We’re in. Check out the awesome recipe here.

    4. Pineapples are hardcore. You can’t make jello with fresh pineapple because it’s so corrosive it breaks down the gelatin and other proteins. I mean, that officially makes pineapple the most hardcore ‘fruit’ you’ve ever known.

    5. Foreigners are exotic. The pineapple was first called “anana,” a Caribbean word for “excellent fruit.” However, when it landed in the Hawaiian islands, Hawaiians called it “halakahiki,” which means “foreign fruit.

    6. They’ve got the good stuff. Pineapples are full of bromelain which is all sorts of good for you. It’s an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, digestive aid & even prevents tumor growth (hello, that means no cancer).

    7. Baby pineapples are sassy. Pineapples begin as a bright pink cluster in the middle of the pineapple plant. And here you thought we just went crazy choosing screen print colors.

    8. They’re worth the wait. It actually takes 1.5 – 2 years for each pineapple plant to grow a single fruit, so appreciate every bite.

    9. Community of Fruits. A pineapple is not actually a fruit. It is the result of many flowers whose fruitlets have joined around the core. Which means it’s a tiny fruit community. Remember that next time you pillage a pineapple village.

    10. Pineapples cause smiles. Not only does eating raw pineapple give you a mood-enhancing energy boost, but wearing a pineapple is sure to bring a smile to your face all day long. (I can speak from experience). So check out our new pineapple tees and snag your own personal pineapple happy pill.

    Shop all the pineapple tees.





    What’s your favorite thing about pineapples?

  • Blog on Blog Love

    Yesterday we posted that the ‘Mayor’ of deemed us one of the not-to-miss shops when you’re visiting Fort Collins for the Colorado Brewers’ Festival.

    We were pretty excited to be included on Heidi’s 3 day Fort Collins to-do list, but we might not have known about it if Heidi hadn’t come in to take some snapshots.

    So we wondered if anyone else had mentioned us out there in blogland that we didn’t see. We scoured our analytics from the last couple months and found that the answer was YES!

    Gigi of Living La Vida Local said we were one of her favorite shops during her visit to Fort Collins. (Her ‘local’ refers to the bright lights of Las Vegas.) and shared the below picture of our chalkboard sign during her visit.

    Then Legal Addictions (a blog about backcountry split boarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, and other adventures) shared some pics of our Mountain Patch trucker hat during their group backcountry trip / honeymoon in the Arctic with a link back from the below shot.

    Finally, Running in Boise, a personal blog about you guessed it… running, shared her excitement about getting our Dangerous & Beautiful shirt in the mail (which she earned from all that running.)

    We were pretty happy to find more people out there chatting us up. Thank you for sharing the Akinz love with your own blogosphere! And we want to know… have you written about Akinz and we missed it? We’d love to see any links below in the comments!

  • Trip to Arizona anyone?

    Havasu Falls Arizona

    So I’ll admit it, I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon. I’ve driven through Arizona while taking the long way back from Texas to Colorado, but I’ve only done my ‘sight-seeing’ from a moving car. And in all of the road trips back and forth between Colorado and Vegas or Colorado and Cali, we’ve never had the time to make the detour to see this ‘grand’ sight. And yes, I’d like to see it, but that’s not why I suddenly feel the need to make the trip. Skip to the above picture:

    In one word: SOLD.

    This is a picture from Havasu Falls, a not so secret location, but difficult enough to get to that you’ll leave all the gawking Griswolds behind. I recently checked out some pics from a friend’s Omniten Arizona Trip with Columbia and that’s when the jealous scheming began. Then one of my favorite blogs, Adventure Journal, posted the above pic on their blog of 5 Great American Swimming Holes.

    So… I’m in. Who’s coming with me? We can stop off in Flagstaff, party with some peeps I know, then head to the Grand Canyon and swim in the aforementioned falls or see beautiful things like this:

    We can even stop at all the spas and golf courses if you’re feeling frisky.

  • A little piece of Colorado in France

    Tyler has been galavanting around Europe for about a month now and he’s been having too much fun to take time to put his pictures on a computer, but he sent us this quick pic to us.

    From Tyler “I was in Cassis, France drinking wine and chillin on the beach. I have to say i think the Colorado flag t-shirt is my favorite because it is amazing how many and how quickly you can make friends. Every comes up to me asking if I am from Colorado and we are instantly friends. It has happened in just about every country i have gone to so far.”

    Tyler in France, wearing the Akinz Colorado Flag T-shirt

  • Congratulations Grads!

    Congratulations to all those seniors and super-seniors out there who are now ready to move onto “real life”. I’m wondering what all those new grads have on their plate? Any exciting adventures planned?

    I do know what one of those new grads is doing. Our part-time employee, Tyler, will be heading across the pond for a couple months of adventures hopping around Europe visiting music festivals, soccer games, and generally enjoying life! We conned him into keeping us updated while he’s having fun so that we can live through him while we’re stuck here working. Stay tuned for his updates over the next couple months!

    Seems like everyone is escaping to Europe these days. One of our team riders, Kim Kirch, has been hopping around Europe wakeboarding and making new friends already this summer. You can check out what she’s up to on her Tumblr.