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  • Coachella 2012 as told thru Instagram

  • Breckenridge Throwback Throwdown

    Erika Vikander on the corrugated sidewall at the Throwback Throwdown

    On Saturday we ventured out to Breckenridge to check out the Throwback Throwdown halfpipe competition. Erika Vikander was competing… wait, did you say Erika was competing in a halfpipe competition? Yes. Erika doesn’t normally do halfpipe comps… she’s a slopestyle gal. But how can you pass up an opportunity to have a lot of fun slaying it in an old-school hand-shaped halfpipe with the likes of Danny Davis and Luke Mitrani?

    We wouldn’t.

    Anyway, so we get out there just in time for the guys to be seshing the handmade pipe as a warm-up. The first portion of the comp was spent in a full-size competition pipe but the second part of the day was a 30-minute jam-style session to see who would move on to the finals. The women got a little bit of a break since there was only 6 competing and they just did 1 30-minute session to decide the winner. Overall results are below.

    Women’s Overall
    1. Rebecca Sinclair
    2. Sylvia Mittermueller
    3. Ariel Gold

    Men’s Overall
    1. Zach Black
    2. Dom Harrington
    3. Taylor Gold

    Of course a good day in Breckenridge always requires Happy Hour tacos and pitchers at Mi Casa. All in all a great day. Check out all the pics from the comp below.

  • Bumpas Birthday Biking

    Mountain biking in Moab at the Klondike Bluffs

    This past weekend was Bumpas’ birthday. Since he fractured the bone in his heel a couple weeks ago, shredding wasn’t an option, so we took advantage of the lack of winter and got a headstart on summer in Moab. We tackled 25 1/2 miles of mountain biking in 2 days, hot tubbed it up, grilled out, ate some badass Thai food, and generally wore ourselves out.

    Mountain biking Moab - Klondike Bluffs area

    Birthday biking grin.

    Singha Thai restaurant

    Spicy Yellow curry makes me happy.

    Taking a break on the Slickrock practice loop

    Taking a break out at Slickrock.

    Arches National Park - Double Arch

    Short trip through Arches National Park on the way out of town.

  • Late Nights at the Workshop

    Akinz has been growing a lot over the last year which equals a lot of late nights at the Akinz workshop.

    This results in many PBR’s and life-size jack-in-the-box, AKA Bumpas-in-a-box shenanigans. If you stop by the Akinz showroom and see a bunch of mangled cardboard, this could be why…

    Where did he go?

    Bumpas in the box

  • Anyone for Croquet?

    I Fly Colorado trucker hat on top of the croquet set.

    This past Sunday in Fort Collins, it was a balmy 80 degrees in the sunshine. It had everybody tricked into thinking it was time for summer. We started the day by riding our bikes all over Old Town to hang posters for our party next week. Then our friend Amanda made the discovery of a croquet set sitting at the end of a driveway with a “Take Me” sign, so we decided to head to the park for a proper game of croquet. A day full of brunch, bikes, beer and balls (croquet balls, that is).

    Supposed to snow tomorrow!

  • Raise a PBR for Akinz!

    We’d like you to join in a toast with us! Not only are we about to take a bigger step into the wholesale world and hire some staff, but we just got our numbers back for the year and Akinz grew 5X from 2010 to 2011!! That’s crazy talk. If we grow another 5X from 2011 to 2012, then maybe I’ll be able to take a paycheck! haha. But seriously, we’re stoked and we’re so thankful for all the support. So… raise your can, glass, or other drinking container and cheers with us to another year of growth and spreading the Akinz love.

    To share our excitement with you, we’re offering HUMPDAY deals today thru tomorrow. Right now, Buy 2 get 1 FREE in our $10 T-shirt section with the discount code: HUMP.

    Also, enjoy FREE SHIPPING and a FREE PAIR OF SUNGLASSES for orders over $40!

    And have something from our Valentines featured gifts section in your order and we’ll send you an Akinz fan pack complete with diecut and regular stickers, buttons, and a koozie, plus a discount card for your next purchase online.

    Here’s one of our favorite pieces of PBR art by Boulder artist Josh Holland to send you through the rest of your day….

  • A little wakesurfing for ya

    Akinz team rider Kim Kirch and friend Monica Thatcher getting after some wakesurfing while waiting for the snow to start falling again.

    You take your car to work and I’ll take my board! from kimkirch on Vimeo.

  • Summertime in Oregon

    Team rider Erika Vikander spent the majority of her summer up at Mt. Hood trying to get in some epic summer riding and training, but the thing about summer is that when it rains, it makes it hard to pretend that winter hasn’t ended yet. Here’s how she spent some of those days off the mountain.

    “Oregon is truly one of the most majestic places I have ever traveled to. Low clouds, rolling green mountains, thick forest, cold rivers, and amazing hot springs just to name a few things that took place while I was there this summer. I did a ton of snowboarding too, but thats not what I made this edit about. This is more for fun to show what the lifestyle is like up there when you’re NOT riding. And let me tell you, it’s a lifestyle I could definitely get used to.” — Erika “The Viking” Vikander

    Woodsy Shenanigans with Erika, Jonny and JP from erika Vikander on Vimeo.

  • 5 Reasons to visit the Akinz showroom today

    Today is Tuesday which means we are having our trial showroom hours from 1pm to 6pm and there are many reasons to visit.

    1. I’ve had a lot of coffee this morning and I’m in the mood to chat.

    2. If you stop by right at 1pm, you might get to meet some super cute Articulate City interns as they learn how to screenprint so they can help at our CommuniTEE Night Event next week.

    Free shenanakinz sunglasses with purchase3. I just restocked the $10 T-shirt Table (1-off colorways / experiments of our designs not for sale on the website).

    4. Since we finally have a sunny day in Fort Collins today, I’ll give a free pair of sunglasses to anyone that comes in and spends $20 or more.

    5. We’re down the street from Odell’s, Fort Collins Brewery, and Funkwerks. Plus we’re next door to A Hunt Club, if that’s more your style. 😉

  • Winter’s Not Over!

    First Run at Kirkwood!

    Winter over? Not for many. This winter has been one of the best, starting in late October and continuing throughout late May into June. It just seems to be prolonging itself. Snow is still falling by the foot and all the die hard’s are trying to add as many more days to their season as they can. I was stoked to be one of them and hit up Kirkwood and Squaw’s last day.

    On my way to Tahoe we hit snow storms driving over Sonora Pass, a pass near my house leading you into Nevada, upon arrival in Tahoe the snow was still dropping and really starting to accumulate. You can only imagine my feeling of stupidity rocking sandals for this shred trip. I mean one would think it being Memorial day weekend that you would be able to get away with some summer threads.  But, I didn’t let my stupidity hold my rush of excitement back from the fresh falling snow.  All this meant was that’s the last day of the season would be a powder day at Kirkwood!

    Chairs 10 and 11 were open only, so the Wall was going off in full effect. If you haven’t ridden Kirkwood’s Wall you really need to get over to Tahoe and check it out. You see some of the best riders cruising this wall and blasting through the chutes.  I’m not going to lie, it took some female balls for me to get down the Wall, it was steeper than it looked from the lift.  Here’s some advice: never talk something up until you have tried at at least once…riding up the lift I was telling everyone that the Wall looked easy and would be no big deal. I may have given myself way too much confidence, because when I got to the top and looked down I may have saw the fear. So I had to female balls it  big time to get down, and trust me I was shaking in my outerwear…but it was awesome!

    In all, both days of riding were pretty good conditions for being the end of May, and gaining a goggle tan in the spring time was also a major bonus. I highly recommended adding as many days on to your season as you can, this is not one to miss.

    Though, for many the winter season is over and there are new adventures to be had. Maybe a time to pick up a new summer hobby? Or go on an epic road trip. Whatever it is, make it a summer that you will always remember, go off the limb a bit and dig deep into your bucket list.  If you still have the shred bug, which many of us hold year round, go to your nearest ice rink and ask to get some of the groomed shavings, set up a box or rail and have a little shred fest with your friends.  But if you still can, keep adding the days! No one wants the winter to end, they may say it for a couple weeks, but once it does its over until next year. Get as much shred time in as you can!