Rig To Flip on July 8th: Help Conserve the Rivers of the West

Rig to Flip is on a mission to bring attention to the endangered rivers of the west. They recently spread their wings through the canyons of Southern Colorado on the once lively, now dying, Dolores River. A river that has been dammed and used for irrigation- with little regard for those downstream.

Dolores Today

The crew took three pack rafts down the Dolores river to film the conditions that the endangered fish, wildlife and plant life experience below the McPhee dam.


The crew flipped boats, lost gear and experienced extreme weather conditions in the attempt to bring the issues of the Dolores River to the mainstream public.


The team has a goal of raising $2,000 to fund their ability to continue providing educational films, at no cost to the public. So far, the Find Your Wings fundraising efforts has reached $400 towards their goal.

IMG_0561They gathered hundreds of hours of footage and photographs.


Help to bring the Dolores- the River of Sorrows- back to the public eye.


Help to Akinz fund their conservation mission to share the issues of the endangered waters of the west by participating in Akinz’s Rig to Flip Day on July 8th.

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