• Dressing for Work When Your Mind is Outside

    fall-look-book-fall-fashion-made-in-usa-beaniesWouldn’t we all like to be able to spend all of our days playing outside? Even you can’t be outside and enjoying the outdoors, at least you can daydream about it from behind your desk. As the weather gets a little chillier, try sneaking into the office with a Cirrus Beanie on and see how long it will last before you are asked to conform to the office dress code. Continue Reading

  • Fall Lookbook – Series 1

    Fall is in the air and it’s time for cozy mornings and sunny afternoon hikes so we went exploring up in Poudre Canyon to bring you pics of some of our faves from our new fall line.

    fall-lookbook-snow-day-pom-beanie-purple-turquoiseShop this look: Snow Day Pom Beanie | Ride More Work Less Crewneck

    fall-fashion-cowl-hoodie-laurel-earflap-beanieShop this look: Peacock Laurel Mockflap Beanie | Cowl Neck Hoodie Dress

    fall-accessories-lookbook-moss-green-weston-beanieShop this look: Moss Green Weston Beanie | Pennant Tee

    fall-fashion-feathers-flowy-topShop this look: Fly Away Top – Gray | Fly Away Top – Charcoal

    fall-lookbook-purple-jackson-slouchy-beanieShop this look: Purple Jackson Beanie | Ride More Raglan Tee

    fall-lookbook-accessories-crochet-headband-greenShop this look: Emerald Balibana Crochet Headband | Electric Green Space Dye Ride Hoodie

    fall-fashion-lookbook-pyramid-triangle-teeShop this look: Pyramid Scheme Triangle Tee | Basic Fold Beanie

    fall-fashion-feather-hoodie-blue-elevationShop this look: Fly Away Blue Zip-Up Hoodie | Elevation Hoodie

    fall-fashion-lookbook-elevation-mountain-teeShop this look: Elevation Mountain triblend Tee | Colorado Flag Snapback

  • Kickstarter Campaign: Maintaining Handmade Quality in our Beanies

    Since the opening of our flagship store in Old Town Fort Collins, word of mouth about our company and what we do seems to be spreading and we couldn’t be happier about that. However, it’s made it hard to keep up with production of our most popular item, our handmade beanies. We understand that this is that pivotal point in a company where they normally would reach out for manufacturing help from a factory.

    But since I started small and grew slowly, I had the opportunity to talk to many people along the way, and I can’t even count how many times I heard, “I love your beanies. They remind me of Company X’s beanies before they got big.” I don’t want to lose that handmade quality in our product and end up being the company whose beanies those people USED to love.

    So, today we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help us raise enough money to make 3 bulk yarn orders. The savings kept in ordering yarn in bulk will allow us to pay a network of crafters to help crochet and hire more in-house employees to help with the knitted beanies. If we exceed our goal by an additional $1500, we will be able to buy a professional grade hand-operated knitting machine which will cut down on labor time and increase capabilities from our current setup.

    So if you would like to help, check out the ways you can pledge money on our Kickstarter Campaign Page, share the campaign and/or this blog with your friends and spread the word.

  • Akinz Beanies now available on NewVintageTees.com

    NewVintageTees.com is a company all about bringing back the classics. You know the reason you won’t let go of that favorite band shirt you’ve had for years… it just fits so nice. It just may smell a bit and have some stains that are getting a little out of control. So, they are reprinting vintage designs on new supersoft t-shirts.

    They wanted some accessories to match this idea and after demo-ing a couple of our handmade beanies, they thought they were definitely the ticket they were looking for. So, check out their site if you’re looking to grab any of this season’s handmade beanies.

  • Countdown to Costa Rica

    In exactly a week from now, I’ll be staying in this house and walking down that beach.

    Costa House

    That’s right, we’re headed to Costa Rica to hang out with the Mom for Thanksgiving… morning surf sessions, fresh seafood, thanksgiving dinner cooked in our own private beach home… I can’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving and be reminded of what you’re thankful for.

    So, instead of doing some crazy Black Friday deal that forces you to cram yourself into a store at 6am when the tryptophan from the turkey may not have even worn off yet, we’re running deals all this week to countdown to our Thanksgiving trip.

    So here’s what’s up: we’re going to announce a deal-a-day all this week and you can choose whichever one floats your boat for your Thanksgiving sale fix. First off, we are still running the “buy a hoodie, get a beanie for $5 deal” and that will be going on through Friday of this week… so if that’s the deal you want to grab, just add the $5 beanie add-on item to your cart when you add the hoodie. Consider it a freebie deal.

    Costa Rica hammock Monday Kickoff DEAL: so I just checked out the forecast for next week and so far, and there’s a good chance we’ll have a couple days of being rained in… So, I’m having visions of me laying in this hammock on my covered deck with a beer at my side and crocheting beanies.

    Therefore, you have to give me some beanies to make. So, Monday’s deal is: Buy 2 beanies, get 1 free! No code necessary, but you have to order the special Costa Rica beanie product found here: http://www.akinz.com/shop/costa-rica/

    Now get your orders in for the Buy 2 get 1 Beanies and stay tuned for what deal comes next!

  • All the cold weather has us beanie inspired!

    I don’t know if you live in a cold climate area or not, but here in Steamboat, temperatures have been in the negatives for a week straight.  Of course, we’re unwilling to sacrifice good riding since we’ve also gotten almost 3 feet of snow in the last 48 hours!  Therefore, I’ve endured a frostbitten nose, a side bruise from a hip check on a tree and sore legs from riding in so much powder… I know, you don’t feel sorry for me. 

    But, all that cold weather has made us beanie crazy!  So far, our website has up the two new beanies, the jailbait beanie with either a hot pink, lime, or aqua pompom and the Elementary beanie with it’s back to basics, blue, white, and yellow stripes with pink pom.  Soon you’ll be seeing the grape escape pop up and even more to come!  Keep an eye on our hats section for more fun beanies and colors!