• Hats for the Homeless


    We are so excited to announce that we have teamed up with Homeless Gear for this year’s Hats for the Homeless promotion!! From October 15th – November 15th, buy any handmade beanie and we will donate a beanie to Homeless Gear.  Our goal is to reach 1000 beanies to meet their needs for the winter season, so please share the word by telling your friends about our program!  


    Homeless Gear’s Mission:  To provide homeless men, women and children with the supplies that they need to survive on the streets and the support and companionship that they need to navigate the path from homelessness to self-sufficiency


    SHOP OUR NEW HANDMADE BEANIES online or come drop by our Fort Collins storefront to help us make a difference.

  • Colorado Bike Month Program & Cycling Challenge

    Bike to Work Charity T-shirt

    If you know about our annual bike month program, you’ll know that we design a special t-shirt just for bike month and contribute a portion of the proceeds to a local bike charity. This year we’re donating $4 of each t-shirt sold and $1 of each water bottle from now until the end of the month to Bike Fort Collins to help better biking in our community and support the Fort Collins Bike Library. The products included in this program are any colorway of the new NoCo Bike To-Do List and I Want to Ride My Bike designs. You can find the whole list of products here.

    NoCo To-Do List Challenge

    This year the bike month t-shirt also doubles as a cycling challenge. On the back of the shirt, you can opt to have the trails listed around the bike design in a to-do format printed on the back of the shirt. Finish all of the mix of mountain bike, city trail, bike landmark, and road bike rides. The first person to complete the challenge will win a $100 gift certificate to the shop, second a $75 gift certificate and third a $50 gift certificate. ALL finishers will receive our new limited edition Foco Akinz bike patch.

    Trails on the List:

    Bingham Hill • Rist Canyon • Coyote Ridge • the Dams • Riocovery Ride • Power Trail • the Oval • Buckhorn • Poudre Trail • Blue Sky • Maxwell • Rattlesnake Climb • Spring Creek Trail • Hewlett Gulch • Pineridge • Bellevue Bean • Mason Trail • Indian Summer • Shoreline • Reservoir Ridge • Fossil Creek Trail • Lory State Park • Bobcat Ridge • Devils Backbone • East Valley • West Valley • Concrete Plant Loop • Timber • Horsetooth Reservoir • North Dam • Bar SS

    How to Compete
    Pick a trail. Ride it. Pick another one. Repeat.

    How to Track

    Show us your Strava, MapMyRide, Endomondo, etc of each ride. Bonus points if you take a picture of you in your shirt while on your ride. And please share it on our Facebook page.

  • Hats for the Homeless – Handmade Beanies for Charity

    January 14th – January 31st

    With so many days of super cold temps in a row, it’s easy to find yourself rushing home to cuddle up by the fire or get under a blanket with some cocoa to watch a movie. There’s only so many minutes of negative temps you can stand before declaring defeat and retreating inside. But while we were retreating to our home this weekend, we were reminded of how miserably cold it would be and it is for those who don’t have a place to warm up or a home to retreat to.

    Therefore, we’re introducing the Hats for the Homeless program. During the last two weeks in January, we’re using the powers of our handmade beanies for charity.

    For each full-price handmade beanie purchased either online or in our store from now til Jan 31st, we’ll donate a beanie to those in need.

    So, buy something to warm your noggin and know that you’ll be helping warm up someone else as well. Valid on all Handmade Beanies, Custom Beanies, Headbands, and Scarves


    Details: One for one beanie program is only valid on full-price orders. Orders using a discount code or redemption reward will not be counted towards our beanie total.

    We’re currently speaking with several homeless shelters and working out the details of when and how they will be distributed. Depending on how many beanies we have to donate at the end of the month, they will be spread out between shelters in the Fort Collins and Denver area. Donated beanies will be a mixed group of handmade and machine made beanies.

  • Respire Haiti Otterbox Fundraiser

    OtterBox has a great fundraising program where they get their employees involved in choosing where their donation dollars are spent. It is called the G3 Challenge – OtterCares (the charitable arm of OtterBox) ‘gives’ each OtterBox employee a $200 certificate to GROW for the non profit of their choice.

    We think it’s a fantastic program! That’s why we teamed up with one of the OtterBox employees to create these sweatshirts to raise money for Respire Haiti, an organization whose mission is to “encourage, educate and empower restaveks, orphans and vulnerable children.” From the Otter employee, “We are doing http://respirehaiti.org/ because our fellow co-worker moved there and is serving there. We have 3 weeks to ‘grow it’ and then ‘give it’ on April 13th.”

    These sweatshirts are made from an eco-fleece that is a blend of organic and recycled materials and dyed with low-impact yarn dyes, so not only will you be helping others, but you’ll be doing it with a garment that is safe for the planet. Available in heathered royal blue, red, or black.

    Each one costs $40 and 50% of the proceeds will go to this Otter group who will then pass it on to Respire Haiti. If they raise the most, OtterCares will then donate another $3000 to their chosen charity. Preorder deadline is April 11th to give these otters enough time to get the funds for donation to Respire Haiti. All sweatshirts will be shipped out within a week of order deadline. Order here.

  • Bumpas takes on Mustache Movember

    It’s that time again! The month formally known as November, now Movember is upon us. Men everywhere have gotten jealous of all the attention breasts have been getting and now want a slice of the pie for their boys. To accomplish this, they all decided it was a great idea to be lazy and grow a mustache. Sure, they have to shave the rest of their face (per the Movember rules), but you know every man out there has always wanted a mustache that lives up to Tom Selleck fame. So, now in November, men everywhere sport mustaches to cure prostate cancer.

    So.. our very own Bumpas has decided to join in the crowd. Although he normally sports plenty of facial hair, he’s started anew clean shaven and is trying to give the other Movember fundraisers a run for their money. We plan on helping him. So… if you donate $5 to his Movember page, we’ll send you out a sticker pack!

    Make sure you put “Send me Akinz stickers!” in the comment when donating and either include your address there or e-mail your address to us on our Contact page.

    Plus, don’t forget your donation is fully tax-deductible!!!

    And please rate Bumpas with 5 mustaches to up his Top Mo-Page standings!

    A quick preview of what’s being done to cure MAN cancer.

    Bumpas "Pre-Movember"

    Bumpas – “Pre-Movember”

    Day 1 - no more facial hair

    Day 1 – No more facial hair!

  • Pedaling goods by bike

    Commuter Tee in the window at The Wright Life, Fort Collins, COSo… Fort Collins bike to work day was last Wednesday the 23rd and I am just now getting around to talking about how amazing it was! Started the day sharing Toolbox Creative’s breakfast station with some yummy breakfast bake. Spotted our Commuter tee in the window of The Wright Life! Woot! We had a table set up with the commuter t-shirts benefitting the Fort Collins Bike Co-op and some people even stopped by wearing their commuter tees just to show their support!

    Then we were off to make our bike deliveries, as promised. Started the day super-focused and fast and then around the time we realized we only had 2 bike deliveries left to make, we got a little sad that it was coming to a close. We were having so much fun seeing sides of Fort Collins that we normally wouldn’t and enjoying the sunshine. That’s why we decided to KEEP BIKE DELIVERY! Woohoo! Yep, that’s right… we are going to continue offering bike delivery to the Fort Collins area as long as weather allows. Who knows, I may even get brave and deliver by bike in the wintry months. But, for now, it will be available until further notice and can be expected to be delivered one day a week, the day depending on the weather conditions.

    But, the best part about the bike deliveries is this: Instead of continuing to offer free bike shipping, we will be charging standard shipping costs for bike delivery and donating the shipping money spent to a charity that you choose. Each month I will be asking you to submit your favorite local Fort Collins charity and let the local public vote on which one we donate the money to for a month.

    So, of course, you have from now until the end of June to buy a commuter t-shirt for the $2 to go to the Fort Collins Bike Co-op and then we’ll start on the next charity on the 1st! Please submit your favorite local Fort Collins charity by commenting it on this blog post.

  • Akinz Bike to Work Event

    I bike to work everyday. I don’t own a car… sold it last winter as it was collecting dust in our parking garage. But, that being said… to bike to work for me is a 2 block jaunt and we live in Old Town Fort Collins, so everything is pretty much a stone’s throw away. Therefore, for Bike to Work Day, I wanted to do something exciting with our company.

    So, what would be fun to do on Bike to Work Day? Bike, of course! Starting now up until June 22nd at 9:00pm, if you order online and live in the Fort Collins area (which we’re defining as between Vine and Harmony and Taft Hill and Timberline) you can choose “By Bike” as your FREE BIKE SHIPPING method and an Akinz representative will deliver your purchase by bike on Bike to Work day. Check out the Bike Delivery Zone map to the right for visual clarification.

    Then we got excited about the event and since we make t-shirts, we started wondering about a bike t-shirt for the day… so we’re making a special “Commuter Tee” for a Bike Month promotion. Now when you order $50 or more online during June, we’re throwing in one of these sweet t-shirts for free. Also, $2 of each Commuter Tee purchase is being donated to the Fort Collins Bike Co-op. We’ll even donate the $2 when you earn a free t-shirt by buying $50 or more of gear. The t-shirts are available in 2 colorways in both womens and mens fit and are for sale now online.

    Stay tuned for more details as we will be setting up a breakfast station on Bike to Work Day as well. You will also be able to pick up the t-shirts at The Wright Life starting June 15th.