• Claire grabs 3rd at the Northstar Trans Am!

    pictures from Transworld Snowboarding

    From Claire —

    Trans Am made their 7th stop at Northstar last Saturday. Northstar’s park crew created a really fun, and creative layout for the competition. With 12 features and three jumps, the course gave riders a chance to show their different styles of shredding. The Weather was perfect and the vibes were great. I could tell that everyone there was excited to push their shredding abilities during the jam format qualifiers. Qualifiers lasted an hour long, with 85 competitors that was a perfect amount of time for every rider to get a chance to hit all the features and try multiple tricks. I was so exhausted after the qualifiers, hiking for an hour straight, trying to rush up the course to get another run in… with an hour break before finals began I had to take a few laps in the park. Northstar’s park is one of my favorite parks surrounding lake Tahoe. It has a perfect flow of rails and jumps.

    Photo from Transworld Snowboarding

    Finals began with 15 minute intervals for each section of the course. I had a lot of fun during the finals, however the one trick that I am really excited on was my backflip off the middle jump, to a 180 over the Muscle Milk fence, to a cab 180 over the gap. What a fun day! After all of that riding the host of the competition fed us an amazing lunch and gave out awards. I ended up making podium with 3rd place! I am traveling to Utah today for the finals. Wish me luck should be a really fun competition.

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    Ride With Claire – Episode 1 from Claire Hewitt – Demeyer on Vimeo.

    Also a huge thanks to Videographer Kevin Todd
    If anyone out there is looking for a great videographer hit Kevin up!

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  • Claire Hewitt-Demeyer’s trip to Bear and Billabong Flaunt It

    This past weekend a few friends and I traveled to Bear Mountain, Ca. If anyone is looking for a fun and affordable mountain, Bear is the place to visit. For $56 you can shred park top to bottom, and at the end of the day you can watch other riders kill it while enjoying a cold beer with friends. Bear Mountain has not only top to bottom park, but they are also very creative with their features and the lay out. Bear creates a perfect flow for every type of rider.

    Claire Demeyer bonk 360 at Bear Mountain

    After three days of riding I had a very dark goggle tan and tired legs. Before heading back to Tahoe; Merrick Williams, Lauren Chea and photographer Dylan Warren and I headed to Huntington Beach and L.A. You can’t leave SoCal without seeing the ocean. I wish the water was warm enough to swim in, though the smell and sight of the saltwater was enjoyable enough.

    We arrived back in Tahoe Friday night around 9:00 pm. I had to get my rest because I had to be at Sierra Tahoe at 8:30 am the next day to compete in the Billabong Flaunt it finals. when I woke early saturday morning the forecast was calling for 60-100 mile hour winds and snow. Not the best conditions for a slope style, and rail jam. By 9:00 am all the lifts on the mountain were on wind hold, so the director of the Billabong Flaunt it said they were going to take all competitors up to the top of the course by snow cat. Even though it would have been a fun experience to by brought by snow cat for every run, I was not looking forward to hitting a 40ft and 60ft jump with these high winds. A half hour goes by and the winds increased too high to have riders on the mountain so they postponed the event til Sunday. All the girls clapped and cheered, knowing that sunday will have better conditions. Billabong threw a bowling party for all the girls that night to celebrate for tomorrow’s event. The bowling party was a great idea, all the girls really got to know each other, making the on snow event more comfortable and fun.

    Sunday morning: I woke to beautiful blue bird sky with 18 new inches on the ground. I could not have asked for a better day. We got to the mountain an hour and a half before the event so we could ride Sierra’s fluffy powder. When the slope style started the course was a little slow because of the new snow, but that did not stop Jessika Jenson from taking 1st place with a $5,000 check! Congrats to her for killing it all day. After we were all treated to lunch we hit the rails. The rail jam went on for an hour, in a jam format. I took a pretty hard fall, knocking the wind out of me. I was pretty scared thinking I broke a rib, but luckily I just could not breathe for a minute. Though I did not place in the Rail Jam I was honored to shred with all of these talented ladies that traveled from all over for the competition. I did however get a shot on snowboarder magazine. Congrats to Breanna Strangeland for taking best trick at the Rail Jam with a $700 check. Words can’t express how much fun I had with these ladies. I hope to see you all next year.

    A big thanks to my Sponsors Akinz Boardwear, Flow Snowboards, Shred Betties and Essi Eye Wear

    Billabong Flaunt It slopestyle comp at Sierra

    Claire Demeyer on the down flat down at Billabong Flaunt It

    Above photos by Dustin Miller

    After the gap to flat victory at Billabong Flaunt It

  • Broken at Boreal

    Our resident hucker, Claire Hewitt-Demeyer was doing what she does and broke her arm recently I just love when she called to tell me what happened, she said, “The worst part is, they had to cut my hoodie dress off me”. haha. Not the worst part Claire, don’t worry, we’ll get you another one!

    “On November 2nd my friends photographer Geno Fondreoli, Never Summer rider Nick Brownsberger, my other friend, Merrick Williams, and I drove up to Boreal Resort for preseason training. We had a great session from 3 to 8pm until I broke my left upper humerus bone while perfecting a 270 onto an urban down flat rail. I have been perfecting this trick for months and during this day trip, I had nailed it three times so my confidence was up so I attempted it again. Unfortunately, this one trick made my snowboarding season end for three months. Luckily, I do not require surgery but I have the pain of watching all of my friends have fun on the snow while I sit at home watching snowboarding videos for three months.

    Don’t worry, I will see you on the slopes in February 2011. I hope everyone has a great season and DON’T GET HURT!!!”

  • Claire’s Early Season sesh

    Former Summit County local Claire Hewitt-Demeyer headed out to Tahoe this year with dreams of new mountains and new people. I guess she was smarter than us, cause she’s already seshing logs in the mountains while we’re staring at sunshine. Here’s what she had to say about her first day back on (real) snow this season.

    On October 7th I left South Lake Tahoe on a hunt for some snow. Chris Lyon, owner of Steez Tech, photographer Geno Fonderoli and I ended up driving up to Mammoth California where in the high mountains they had about 4 to 6 inches of snow. The three of us drove to Horseshoe Lake and began our journey to find a feature we could sesh. After hiking 30 minutes we came upon another lake where we found a perfect half rainbow tree. Fortunately while in Mammoth we met up with a good friend of mine Shannon Johnson who asked us to product test the new Banshee Bungee. Check out her blog on Shayboarder.com. Having the Banshee Bungee came to our advantage since there was little snow and the in-run was flat. The Banshee Bungee is a product designed for riders/skiers to have the ability and speed to hit urban and other features that were not hittable before.

    Claire hitting a tree, MammothClaire at Mammothhiking up Mammothsetting up the Banshee Bungee

    This winter is going to be amazing now that I have a Banshee Bungee. It will not only push me to be more creative with snowboarding, but it will make me challenge myself as well. I want to thank Geno Fonderoli for all of his hard work, His photos came out great!

  • Claire’s trip to Supergirl

    Akinz had not one, but 2 team riders competing at the Supergirl competition in Venice Beach this past weekend. We love it when Akinz peeps get together and especially when they decide to do an impromptu photo shoot. Here’s Claire Hewitt-Demeyer’s play-by-play of her trip.

    My Trip out to L. A. for the Super Girl Jam 2010 began as I left South Lake Tahoe at 6:30 A.M on Friday the 20th and began my adventure to HWY 395. I love my GPS; it took me the most scenic route possible. It took me 9 hours to make it to Laguna Beach where I met up with fellow Shred Betties and Akinz team rider, Erika Vikander. She was very hospitable for the 4 nights I stayed with her! While i was there we did a photo shoot with her mother on the beach during the sunset. The photo shoot was a lot of fun and the sunset was unforgettable.

    Erika Vikander and Claire Demeyer wearing Akinz
    Claire and Erika sporting Shenanakinz sunglasses
    Claire and Erika wearing the Goldie Tee
    Claire and Erika Akinz hoodie dress
    Sunday the 22nd Erika and I left Laguna Beach early in the morning to drive out to LA for the Super Girl Jam. The competition was held at Venice Beach on the boardwalk. Venice beach has a lot of creative people. I have never been so dumbfounded and amused in one place all at the same time! The competition brought together some of the top female riders in the industry. Claire Demeyer, Erika Vikander in Laguna BeachIt was 80 degrees out, but the girls and I still threw the snow pants and sweaters on to protect from snow rash. Most of the girls had spent time at Mt. Hood for the summer, and although i have gone a few times this summer, I felt a could have used a little more practice before the competition.

    I ended up not placing in the event, however I had a great time and I got a few really good interviews! As a result of the competition I was able to see some of the Shred Betties riders that I have not seen in a while. I was also able to meet some other great riders such as Gabrielle Maiden and Tammie Varner. All the girls that came to the Super Girl Jam were very nice and they all brought good vibes to the event which made the competition fun and enjoyable.

    When I left Laguna Beach on Tuesday the 24th I realized even though I did not leave with a 1st place I left with great memories, new friends and the experience to travel Laguna Beach and LA. I hope to have a successful next year at the Super Girl Jam 2011!

  • Supergirl comp in Venice, CA

    Supergirl Rail Jam

    If you’re in the Cali area, head out to the Supergirl Rail Jam on August 22nd at Venice Beach. Akinz team riders Erika Vikander and Claire Hewitt-Demeyer will be competing and if you’re lucky enough to be a contestant, expect a little extra something in your swag bag from Akinz!