• Congratulations Grads!

    Congratulations to all those seniors and super-seniors out there who are now ready to move onto “real life”. I’m wondering what all those new grads have on their plate? Any exciting adventures planned?

    I do know what one of those new grads is doing. Our part-time employee, Tyler, will be heading across the pond for a couple months of adventures hopping around Europe visiting music festivals, soccer games, and generally enjoying life! We conned him into keeping us updated while he’s having fun so that we can live through him while we’re stuck here working. Stay tuned for his updates over the next couple months!

    Seems like everyone is escaping to Europe these days. One of our team riders, Kim Kirch, has been hopping around Europe wakeboarding and making new friends already this summer. You can check out what she’s up to on her Tumblr.