• One and Done Wednesday – Week 2

    This week’s one of a kind offerings are on the site and ready for your grubby little hands to snatch up before someone else does.

    Search all one of a kind beanies.

  • Kickstarter Campaign: Maintaining Handmade Quality in our Beanies

    Since the opening of our flagship store in Old Town Fort Collins, word of mouth about our company and what we do seems to be spreading and we couldn’t be happier about that. However, it’s made it hard to keep up with production of our most popular item, our handmade beanies. We understand that this is that pivotal point in a company where they normally would reach out for manufacturing help from a factory.

    But since I started small and grew slowly, I had the opportunity to talk to many people along the way, and I can’t even count how many times I heard, “I love your beanies. They remind me of Company X’s beanies before they got big.” I don’t want to lose that handmade quality in our product and end up being the company whose beanies those people USED to love.

    So, today we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help us raise enough money to make 3 bulk yarn orders. The savings kept in ordering yarn in bulk will allow us to pay a network of crafters to help crochet and hire more in-house employees to help with the knitted beanies. If we exceed our goal by an additional $1500, we will be able to buy a professional grade hand-operated knitting machine which will cut down on labor time and increase capabilities from our current setup.

    So if you would like to help, check out the ways you can pledge money on our Kickstarter Campaign Page, share the campaign and/or this blog with your friends and spread the word.

  • One-Off Items Added to Shop

    Handmade custom beanies, scarves, shirts, and more

    Around the Akinz workshop, we make most of our items by hand. So, when we’re trying to develop a new season’s lineup, we end up with lots of experiments that we like but may never make it to our shop. To help encourage creativity, we thought we’d share our little experiments with the world instead of them sitting in the shop.

    So if you’re looking for something unique that will be different than what everybody else has, then check out the new One-off section of our shop!

  • New Beanies!

    As the spring sluff starts to show a little early this year, we were craving something slouchy and cozy.  So, here come some new slouchy beanies to fit in with the relaxed springtime vibe.  Currently there are two colorways for the Verushka, a super slouchy beanie crocheted from Simply Soft yarn that feels so soft you want to cuddle it; these are sundrop and turquoise as seen below.


    Keep an eye on the site for Flamingo and Grape (read hot pink and purple) to pop up soon.

    We also made a bit of slouch for the boys with Pete and Repeat which are striped beanies in similar patterns.


    Also making all these beanies in custom colors upon request… got an idea for the perfect beanie for you?  Send it our way…

    Check out our hats section to see more pictures of these new Akinz beanies.