• We <3 Handmade

    We have met a lot of people recently who were not aware of the handcrafted elements that make our clothing so special. Well, it all started when Suzanne decided to start printing tees herself on the kitchen floor of her studio apt back in 2005. Almost a decade later, with the addition of a storefront and some better equipment, the idea of In-House manufacturing is stronger than ever. Yes we take the time to print up every shirt just for you right in the back of our shop. We make all of our beanies and headbands in house as well. Countless hours have been spent crocheting and knitting but it has been a very cool experience pioneering our own production process that we take so much pride in. We are very excited for the release of our ’14/’15 line this fall and we have some goodies in there so be on the lookout. Viva La Handmade Revolution! photo
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  • One & Done Wednesday

    We have some awesome new beanies lined up this week! Here is one of our favorites, you can shop all of our One of a Kind Beanies Here


  • One and Done Wednesday – Week 2

    This week’s one of a kind offerings are on the site and ready for your grubby little hands to snatch up before someone else does.

    Search all one of a kind beanies.

  • Introducing One & Done Wednesdays!

    Around the Akinz shop, we like to play around with lots of different colorways and see what we like best. We wanted to be able to share these custom options with our online community as well as our in store crowd, so we’ve introduced ONE & DONE Wednesdays. Each Wednesday we will release custom colorways and one of a kind items online. Once they sell, then they’re done.


    Not only is this a fun way to get our experiments out to the online community, but this is also a great way for you to get a custom item without paying a custom upgrade fee… everyone wants to be unique after all.

    This weeks options can be found in our custom beanies section.







  • Countdown to Costa Rica

    In exactly a week from now, I’ll be staying in this house and walking down that beach.

    Costa House

    That’s right, we’re headed to Costa Rica to hang out with the Mom for Thanksgiving… morning surf sessions, fresh seafood, thanksgiving dinner cooked in our own private beach home… I can’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving and be reminded of what you’re thankful for.

    So, instead of doing some crazy Black Friday deal that forces you to cram yourself into a store at 6am when the tryptophan from the turkey may not have even worn off yet, we’re running deals all this week to countdown to our Thanksgiving trip.

    So here’s what’s up: we’re going to announce a deal-a-day all this week and you can choose whichever one floats your boat for your Thanksgiving sale fix. First off, we are still running the “buy a hoodie, get a beanie for $5 deal” and that will be going on through Friday of this week… so if that’s the deal you want to grab, just add the $5 beanie add-on item to your cart when you add the hoodie. Consider it a freebie deal.

    Costa Rica hammock Monday Kickoff DEAL: so I just checked out the forecast for next week and so far, and there’s a good chance we’ll have a couple days of being rained in… So, I’m having visions of me laying in this hammock on my covered deck with a beer at my side and crocheting beanies.

    Therefore, you have to give me some beanies to make. So, Monday’s deal is: Buy 2 beanies, get 1 free! No code necessary, but you have to order the special Costa Rica beanie product found here: http://www.akinz.com/shop/costa-rica/

    Now get your orders in for the Buy 2 get 1 Beanies and stay tuned for what deal comes next!