• Local Foreigners Wake Video: Ladies Edition

    Check out team rider Kim Kirch in this ladies only edit from Camsur Wakesports Complex in the Philippines!


    Local Foreigners: Ladies Edition from Drew Austin on Vimeo.

  • Eurotrip wrap-up from Lil’ Kim Kirch

    Lil’ Kim Kirch is back from her summer long trip to Europe and took a minute to sit down and share her thoughts about this epic summer.

    Gnarly! is the first thing I say when asked about my Euro trip!

    I went to Europe alone with no real idea when I was gonna go home or what I wanted to do there … All I knew was I needed an adventure and that I wanted to do something that I knew nothing about.

    Well needless to say it all worked out. I didn’t die! Surprise Surprise… Slept in some really odd places but never on the street. Misses trains got stranded places a couple times. I made some great friends in rad places. SHREDDED MY FACE OFF!!!! That and ya know the usual shenaniginz that go along with partying… riots, sun rises, cops, climbing, clubs, good times!

    Since I didn’t want to plan anything. I just would make friends in one place follow them to the next … make more friends and follow them. From one place to the next I just wandered with no plan at all. I ended up going to; Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Holland, Ireland and England.

    Germany! favorite by fare… People are so nice, extremely easy to travel by train, cable parks and street art everywhere and the BEER!!!

    Europe is so crowded stacks on stacks of people. At first it was so overwhelming! I really havent spent anytime in citys. They grew on me tho. Love to skate in the city. WABASH!

    Speaking of WABASH! LA! WASSERSKI LANGENFELD! I love it!!! Ow my obstacles everywhere!!!!

    I went on the Liquid Force Gypsy Tour! That was rad got to see pretty much the majority of Germany and some really good cables. Upped my game on rails quite a bit. Transfers all day every day!!!

    Over all I had a great trip! learned quite a bit about myself, what I want and whats and who’s important to me.

    Wanna give a big thanks to the guys at LA // Waterski Langenfeld, for your hospitality! Mahfia.com and Atkinz Board wear for shipping my shred sticks. Liquid Force! That and to all the homies I stayed with along the way.

    See you in the Future

    LALU – lil kim!

  • Wabash! – Checking in with Kim Kirch’s Eurotrip

    Kim Kirch is about a month into her epic 4-month long Euro Adventure. Check out this montage of her adventures following the Liquid Force Gipsy Tour and Waterski Langenfeld in Germany. Now she’s moving on to France and will be competing in a couple wake comps in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned for more Eurotrip goodness from Kim!

  • Creative Collective Art Show

    Creative Collective Art Show by Kim Kirch

    In case you didn’t know… team rider, Kim Kirch’s passion doesn’t stop at snowboarding and wakeboarding. Her first solo art show is coming up on Thursday, April 12th at Shapers Studios in San Diego from 7p -11p. The exhibit is titled “Creative Collective” and will feature approximately 7 wood pieces and one of a kind hats, jackets, and shoes.

    This event is open to all ages, but there will be adult beverages available for those who are of age. If you’re in the San Diego area, stop by and check out Kim’s art and hang out before she’s off to Europe for the summer.

  • A little wakesurfing for ya

    Akinz team rider Kim Kirch and friend Monica Thatcher getting after some wakesurfing while waiting for the snow to start falling again.

    You take your car to work and I’ll take my board! from kimkirch on Vimeo.