• Claire grabs 3rd at the Northstar Trans Am!

    pictures from Transworld Snowboarding

    From Claire —

    Trans Am made their 7th stop at Northstar last Saturday. Northstar’s park crew created a really fun, and creative layout for the competition. With 12 features and three jumps, the course gave riders a chance to show their different styles of shredding. The Weather was perfect and the vibes were great. I could tell that everyone there was excited to push their shredding abilities during the jam format qualifiers. Qualifiers lasted an hour long, with 85 competitors that was a perfect amount of time for every rider to get a chance to hit all the features and try multiple tricks. I was so exhausted after the qualifiers, hiking for an hour straight, trying to rush up the course to get another run in… with an hour break before finals began I had to take a few laps in the park. Northstar’s park is one of my favorite parks surrounding lake Tahoe. It has a perfect flow of rails and jumps.

    Photo from Transworld Snowboarding

    Finals began with 15 minute intervals for each section of the course. I had a lot of fun during the finals, however the one trick that I am really excited on was my backflip off the middle jump, to a 180 over the Muscle Milk fence, to a cab 180 over the gap. What a fun day! After all of that riding the host of the competition fed us an amazing lunch and gave out awards. I ended up making podium with 3rd place! I am traveling to Utah today for the finals. Wish me luck should be a really fun competition.

    Thanks to all of my sponsors for making my season perfect
    Flow Snowboarding
    Ra Optics
    Honey Badger Energy
    Shred Betties

    Ride With Claire – Episode 1 from Claire Hewitt – Demeyer on Vimeo.

    Also a huge thanks to Videographer Kevin Todd
    If anyone out there is looking for a great videographer hit Kevin up!

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  • Claire Hewitt-Demeyer’s trip to Bear and Billabong Flaunt It

    This past weekend a few friends and I traveled to Bear Mountain, Ca. If anyone is looking for a fun and affordable mountain, Bear is the place to visit. For $56 you can shred park top to bottom, and at the end of the day you can watch other riders kill it while enjoying a cold beer with friends. Bear Mountain has not only top to bottom park, but they are also very creative with their features and the lay out. Bear creates a perfect flow for every type of rider.

    Claire Demeyer bonk 360 at Bear Mountain

    After three days of riding I had a very dark goggle tan and tired legs. Before heading back to Tahoe; Merrick Williams, Lauren Chea and photographer Dylan Warren and I headed to Huntington Beach and L.A. You can’t leave SoCal without seeing the ocean. I wish the water was warm enough to swim in, though the smell and sight of the saltwater was enjoyable enough.

    We arrived back in Tahoe Friday night around 9:00 pm. I had to get my rest because I had to be at Sierra Tahoe at 8:30 am the next day to compete in the Billabong Flaunt it finals. when I woke early saturday morning the forecast was calling for 60-100 mile hour winds and snow. Not the best conditions for a slope style, and rail jam. By 9:00 am all the lifts on the mountain were on wind hold, so the director of the Billabong Flaunt it said they were going to take all competitors up to the top of the course by snow cat. Even though it would have been a fun experience to by brought by snow cat for every run, I was not looking forward to hitting a 40ft and 60ft jump with these high winds. A half hour goes by and the winds increased too high to have riders on the mountain so they postponed the event til Sunday. All the girls clapped and cheered, knowing that sunday will have better conditions. Billabong threw a bowling party for all the girls that night to celebrate for tomorrow’s event. The bowling party was a great idea, all the girls really got to know each other, making the on snow event more comfortable and fun.

    Sunday morning: I woke to beautiful blue bird sky with 18 new inches on the ground. I could not have asked for a better day. We got to the mountain an hour and a half before the event so we could ride Sierra’s fluffy powder. When the slope style started the course was a little slow because of the new snow, but that did not stop Jessika Jenson from taking 1st place with a $5,000 check! Congrats to her for killing it all day. After we were all treated to lunch we hit the rails. The rail jam went on for an hour, in a jam format. I took a pretty hard fall, knocking the wind out of me. I was pretty scared thinking I broke a rib, but luckily I just could not breathe for a minute. Though I did not place in the Rail Jam I was honored to shred with all of these talented ladies that traveled from all over for the competition. I did however get a shot on snowboarder magazine. Congrats to Breanna Strangeland for taking best trick at the Rail Jam with a $700 check. Words can’t express how much fun I had with these ladies. I hope to see you all next year.

    A big thanks to my Sponsors Akinz Boardwear, Flow Snowboards, Shred Betties and Essi Eye Wear

    Billabong Flaunt It slopestyle comp at Sierra

    Claire Demeyer on the down flat down at Billabong Flaunt It

    Above photos by Dustin Miller

    After the gap to flat victory at Billabong Flaunt It

  • Erika at the Campus Rail Jam Tour at University of Utah

    Erika always kills it at the Campus Rail Jam Tour, so the stop at the University of Utah played out per the usual. Check her out all steezed out with her Akinz t-shirt dress and chunk gator.

    The Campus Rail Jam Tour is always one of my favorite contests to participate in. It’s always a fun crowd, there is good music, a great setup, and lots of familiar faces! I showed up on Thursday the 24th, to an unpleasantly gray day in Salt Lake City. I got there around 11am to register. Having done the contest almost every year they have put it on, I am pretty comfortable around the campus, and had no trouble getting myself all situated. I was greeted by some good friends who came out to support, along with my big brother, and some of the Niche crew. I spent most of my time hanging with my friend Cat and her roommate Maddee. We were having a blast watching everyone, and dancing our hearts out.

    When it finally came time to compete I was more than ready, and the setup looked really fun. From lookers left to right the setup consisted of; a down-flat-down rail, a launch box with a gap on the end, and a down rail with little kink at the end for added technical difficulty. I climbed all the way to the top of the scaffolding, strapped in, and dropped into the launch box. Trying to set a high standard for the girls, I tried to do a smooth press and grab my board off the box, when I landed I sunk in about 6 inches into slush, and had to readjust my game plan.

    Next up I tried my luck with the down rail. I got it first try, with a clean frontside 180 out, but that slush got me again, and I couldn’t stick the landing. After that, I decided I would not fall anymore. Nervously peering over the edge of the drop-in to get a look at the rail, I strapped in and went for it. Success! I was feeling very good about that rail, and spent most of my time on it. I did some pretty good tricks on there including a solid frontboard through the kink, which was a personal goal of mine. By the end of the 40 minute heat we were all down right exhausted.

    I cheered on the rest of my friends who were competing including Cat who was up next. She killed it the whole time and WON! YAY CAT! In the meantime while Cat and I were competing, Madee was holding it down on the dancefloor for us. She even won the “Teach me how to dougie” contest! We all had a blast hanging out all day, but it was finally time for the results! With the suspense building up inside me, knowing there were some good girls there, I couldn’t barely even listen when they announced the 2nd and 1st places. Lejawn Allen ended up in 3rd. Alexa McCarty took 2nd, and I ended up in the top spot on the podium! After a quick interview with Fuel Tv I had to fly up the canyon to get to work! Needless to say, it was a long, busy, and super fun day! Thanks to CRJT for putting on yet another great event. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Friday Night Live at Park City

    friday night live rail jam series at Park City Mountain ResortErika Vikander scores another podium place at the Friday Night Live rail jam session at Park City Mountain Resort.

    Friday the 18th of February marked the 2nd event in the “Friday Night Live” series hosted by Park City Mountain Resort. After snowboarding for a little bit at Canyons Resort, I headed to the base of PCMR around 4:30pm to register. With the contest starting at 5, I had just enough time to hit each feature once before they started the “17 and under” competitors. I was a little surprised at how many girls showed up for the contest, considering there usually are only like three girls total, enough girls showed up at this event to have a 5 girl final!

    Our heat consisted of all open class men, women, skiers, and snowboarders, so it was a fight to drop in. We had fifteen minutes to jam and try to make it to finals, with quick hike back up the hill, I got a sufficient amount of drops, and some really solid tricks. Temperatures dropped quickly, and we were all anxious to get the finals started. They announced the finalists, including myself, and some other great riders, and we got the show on the road! My first drop I did a frontside 180 on and off the down rail. As soon as I landed, the lights went out. Apparently this is the first time this has happened, and it was a little ironic that it happened at a time when we REALLY needed the lights. I hiked back up, and waited for about 20 minutes with the rest of the competitors before we were allowed to drop again.

    When the lights came back on, everyone was back on the course with full force. I did a couple of legitimate back-lips, and 180’s onto the down rails, along with some proper boardslides, and frontboards. I felt pretty good about my performance by the end, but I was exhausted! Awaiting patiently at the bottom of the course for results, everyone was all smiles. After working so hard, and then standing around, most were shaking from the cold, and everyone was ready to get out of there.

    They announced the top three in each category and I’m happy to say I got 2nd, behind my friend Wiki Jones who had a great night of riding. Thanks to PCMR for hosting a great event. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that fifteen minute jam sessions are the way to go!

  • 11th Annual Slug games

    We just can’t stop being impressed with team rider Erika Vikander. Seems like she wins a comp every weekend… and she even pulled off a 3rd place podium with a jacked-up snowboard. She can’t be stopped!

    The 11th Annual Slug Games took place at Park City Mountain Resort on January 8th, 2011. After a solid morning of snowboarding, I was pretty anxious to get the contest started. Around 4p.m. the registration had closed and they let everyone practice on the course. Due to the massive amounts of competitors, and the long hike back up the course, most riders only got 1 or 2 practice runs. I opted to take the lift up the first time, and got two runs in before the contest.

    The course PCMR and Slug Magazine built was definitely a step up from most rail jams that I have done. It consisted of two different sections with some very unique features. Only pictures can do it justice. With about an hour to kill before the girls division, I rode pick and shovel park under the lights! Night riding at park city is incredibly fun right now, and they now have the park lit up too!

    When the girls division finally started around 5:30, I was tired. Just thinking about the tedious walk up the course was exhausting, and I hadn’t even stared yet! Fortunately, I had a couple of friends competing who were keeping me lively. We jammed for about 30 minutes, and I wasn’t feeling quite right. But, it was fun to see a lot of other girls competing and having a good time, so I put my game face on, and tried to step up.

    When they announced the finalists, I was thrilled to hear my number, regardless of the fact I had no energy. The finals lasted for about half an hour, and people were really getting after it. I kept catching on the features and I wasn’t sure why, but I got a couple of good tricks down, and was happy to hear the 5 minute countdown. With five minutes to spare, I hiked all the way to the top of the drop-in, and pointed it to the side of the jump by the gondola’s. I did a huge method grab, into a 270 on the box, and almost fell, but I shook it off and awaited the awards.

    When I looked at the base of my snowboard while waiting, I realized I had completely blown out an edge, and had a piece of my base about 3 inches long dragging along the bottom of my board. That explained a lot. I ended up in 3rd place, and was pretty pleased with that considering my board was totally sketchy to be riding the whole night!

    Thanks to PCMR and Slug Magazine for putting on a great event!

  • NYE Rail Jam at the Canyons

    Erika doesn’t let the fact that all the other ladies were too busy putting on their dresses and makeup to show up keep her from killing it at the Canyons NYE Rail Jam. She hiked the park with the boys…

    The Annual New Years Eve Rail Jam took place at Canyons Resort on Friday, December 31st. With some architectural improvements to the base of the mountain, this years’ layout was sure to be much more efficient than years previous.
    I showed up around 4 p.m. to register, and with great ease was out and on the hill practicing within 10 minutes. The setup proved to be a step up from the past couple year and consisted of; a gap to down rail, with a pole launch on either side, into two lines at the bottom, on the right you could hit a flat rail to the Skullcandy wall ride, and on the left was a wall ride into a down rail. We practiced for about 45 minutes to an hour, when I noticed something was terribly wrong. There was not one other girl at the competition!

    Slightly disappointed, I decided I would still ride as if I were competing with the boys. Fortunately everyone was very encouraging and supportive to me as we all hiked the course for an hour long jam session. The lighting was minimal, the snow had turned to ice, but everyone was still charging as hard as possible. With ten minutes left in the first session people gave it their all to earn their spot in the finals. The judges were handing out bandanas indicating whether or not you made the finals, and after not receiving one during the competition, I figured I didn’t have to do finals since I was the only girl!

    Wrong. Between the first session and the finals, one of the judges approached me with a bandana and said that they would like me to ride in it.

    Once again, I decided to push myself, and ended up having a really great time! With some solid tricks laid down throughout the night, I felt confident about my performance, and am greatly anticipating what the rest of the season has in store for me. Thanks to Canyons for putting on this rail jam, it’s always a great way to start off the season right!

  • Supergirl comp in Venice, CA

    Supergirl Rail Jam

    If you’re in the Cali area, head out to the Supergirl Rail Jam on August 22nd at Venice Beach. Akinz team riders Erika Vikander and Claire Hewitt-Demeyer will be competing and if you’re lucky enough to be a contestant, expect a little extra something in your swag bag from Akinz!

  • Steamboat Rail Rodeo Recap

    A little late, but things have been busy in the Akinz world and social scene, so here goes the recap:

    The setup was killer, with the first rail leading into a quarter pipe, which you had to come out of onto a box or rail on either side of the initial rail… made for some action for people watching from both sides of the event. The quarter pipe made for some excitement for the crowd and some great shots.

    Final results from the Rail Rodeo:
    1st – Erik Van Assche
    2nd – Pat Rafferty
    3rd – Richie Eaton

    1st – Chappy Geer
    2nd – Adrian Pougiales
    3rd – Kevin Todd

    Akinz team rider, Brandon Krentz was in a solid third place before finals, but just missed the podium after Round 2, taking home 5th.

    The crowd was a lot of fun and there were lots of people running around in Akinz gear since we were one of the featured sponsors. Even though it was supposed to be part of the “Springalicious” event at Steamboat, the snow was dumping for most of the day, but it cleared up just in time for the rail rodeo to begin. Thanks Mother Nature.

    The akinz booth in the base area

    Brandon Krentz on the rail

    To see more photos from the event, check out the article at Shayboarder

  • Steamboat Rail Rodeo

    Come out and watch the Steamboat Rail Rodeo, which is a jam style competition sponsored by Akinz, Steamboat, Ellis Snowboards, Volkl, Marker, Urbane and RideSports.

    The comp will be followed by a free concert by the Dirty Heads at the base of the mountain.

    Akinz after party will be held at Amante Saturday night… stay tuned for more details

  • Another win for Erika at Oakley Zone Madness

    Saturday the 20th of March marked another beautiful spring day up here in UT. We have had a lot of those lately, and I’m very happy about it. With the sun shining, and the sky blue I knew it was going to be a good day.
    After registering with the friendly staff of the Canyons, I took the gondola up the the Upper Respect Terrain Park. This park is so much fun, and has been all year. The Canyons park crew really do a wonderful job with what they have to work with, and I know a lot of people including myself will be buying passes there next year instead of Park City.
    I ran into a few people I knew there, including Kiri Bennersly. She is a rad ripper from New Zealand, we were stoked to see each other and tear up the park all day. Kiri is a local canyons girl, and she showed me the ropes a little bit. I love The Canyons, it has such a great vibe, and it is very spread out.
    After a couple laps through the park it was time to start the competition. This competition had an unusual format. There were 3 zones to choose from. The first was an option between a down-flat-down rail, and a down-flat-down skinny box. The second was the first two jumps in Upper Respect. The third was a log jib, or a big stall/bonk option. You had the choice of competing in all three to win the overall, or just do certain divisions. This park is too much fun so I had to do all three right??
    We started with a 30 minute rail jam on the two down-flat-down features. People were throwing down, and they were playing really good music, so I decided to get a little technical with my tricks. I got a couple of solid Cab 270’s on and off the down-flat-down skinny box, and a 50-50 to switch 50-50 on the down-flat-down rail. Feeling pretty confident we moved to the jump section which is my favorite.
    We were judged on the first two jumps, as I normally have to practice with three jumps in other competitions, I was slightly thrown off by just two, but I adjusted accordingly, and it was just plain fun. I landed a couple of Cab 540’s and some backside 360’s and ended with a huge method grab! Luckily we were able to ride the lift during this portion, hit the bigger part of the park, and rest a bit.
    Up next came the final Jam session on the log jib, and the Skullcandy Stall. I had never hit either of these features before in the park, so I was a little hesitant at first. But after watching where a couple of the guys dropped in from, I went for it. Happily all went well, I did a couple of mellow tricks, and walked away with an overall win! Mission accomplished! Thanks for putting on another great event CANYONS!!!