• We <3 Handmade

    We have met a lot of people recently who were not aware of the handcrafted elements that make our clothing so special. Well, it all started when Suzanne decided to start printing tees herself on the kitchen floor of her studio apt back in 2005. Almost a decade later, with the addition of a storefront and some better equipment, the idea of In-House manufacturing is stronger than ever. Yes we take the time to print up every shirt just for you right in the back of our shop. We make all of our beanies and headbands in house as well. Countless hours have been spent crocheting and knitting but it has been a very cool experience pioneering our own production process that we take so much pride in. We are very excited for the release of our ’14/’15 line this fall and we have some goodies in there so be on the lookout. Viva La Handmade Revolution! photo
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  • 90 seconds of stoke with Claire

    Claire Hewitt-Demeyer was asked to guest star in another edition of 90 Seconds of Stoke on Lake Tahoe Television. Check out this compilation of some of last season’s expeditions.

    90 sec of stoke claire from Claire Hewitt – Demeyer on Vimeo.

  • Claire grabs 3rd at the Northstar Trans Am!

    pictures from Transworld Snowboarding

    From Claire —

    Trans Am made their 7th stop at Northstar last Saturday. Northstar’s park crew created a really fun, and creative layout for the competition. With 12 features and three jumps, the course gave riders a chance to show their different styles of shredding. The Weather was perfect and the vibes were great. I could tell that everyone there was excited to push their shredding abilities during the jam format qualifiers. Qualifiers lasted an hour long, with 85 competitors that was a perfect amount of time for every rider to get a chance to hit all the features and try multiple tricks. I was so exhausted after the qualifiers, hiking for an hour straight, trying to rush up the course to get another run in… with an hour break before finals began I had to take a few laps in the park. Northstar’s park is one of my favorite parks surrounding lake Tahoe. It has a perfect flow of rails and jumps.

    Photo from Transworld Snowboarding

    Finals began with 15 minute intervals for each section of the course. I had a lot of fun during the finals, however the one trick that I am really excited on was my backflip off the middle jump, to a 180 over the Muscle Milk fence, to a cab 180 over the gap. What a fun day! After all of that riding the host of the competition fed us an amazing lunch and gave out awards. I ended up making podium with 3rd place! I am traveling to Utah today for the finals. Wish me luck should be a really fun competition.

    Thanks to all of my sponsors for making my season perfect
    Flow Snowboarding
    Ra Optics
    Honey Badger Energy
    Shred Betties

    Ride With Claire – Episode 1 from Claire Hewitt – Demeyer on Vimeo.

    Also a huge thanks to Videographer Kevin Todd
    If anyone out there is looking for a great videographer hit Kevin up!

    Transworld Trans Am original post

  • Breckenridge Throwback Throwdown

    Erika Vikander on the corrugated sidewall at the Throwback Throwdown

    On Saturday we ventured out to Breckenridge to check out the Throwback Throwdown halfpipe competition. Erika Vikander was competing… wait, did you say Erika was competing in a halfpipe competition? Yes. Erika doesn’t normally do halfpipe comps… she’s a slopestyle gal. But how can you pass up an opportunity to have a lot of fun slaying it in an old-school hand-shaped halfpipe with the likes of Danny Davis and Luke Mitrani?

    We wouldn’t.

    Anyway, so we get out there just in time for the guys to be seshing the handmade pipe as a warm-up. The first portion of the comp was spent in a full-size competition pipe but the second part of the day was a 30-minute jam-style session to see who would move on to the finals. The women got a little bit of a break since there was only 6 competing and they just did 1 30-minute session to decide the winner. Overall results are below.

    Women’s Overall
    1. Rebecca Sinclair
    2. Sylvia Mittermueller
    3. Ariel Gold

    Men’s Overall
    1. Zach Black
    2. Dom Harrington
    3. Taylor Gold

    Of course a good day in Breckenridge always requires Happy Hour tacos and pitchers at Mi Casa. All in all a great day. Check out all the pics from the comp below.

  • Claire Hewitt-Demeyer’s trip to Bear and Billabong Flaunt It

    This past weekend a few friends and I traveled to Bear Mountain, Ca. If anyone is looking for a fun and affordable mountain, Bear is the place to visit. For $56 you can shred park top to bottom, and at the end of the day you can watch other riders kill it while enjoying a cold beer with friends. Bear Mountain has not only top to bottom park, but they are also very creative with their features and the lay out. Bear creates a perfect flow for every type of rider.

    Claire Demeyer bonk 360 at Bear Mountain

    After three days of riding I had a very dark goggle tan and tired legs. Before heading back to Tahoe; Merrick Williams, Lauren Chea and photographer Dylan Warren and I headed to Huntington Beach and L.A. You can’t leave SoCal without seeing the ocean. I wish the water was warm enough to swim in, though the smell and sight of the saltwater was enjoyable enough.

    We arrived back in Tahoe Friday night around 9:00 pm. I had to get my rest because I had to be at Sierra Tahoe at 8:30 am the next day to compete in the Billabong Flaunt it finals. when I woke early saturday morning the forecast was calling for 60-100 mile hour winds and snow. Not the best conditions for a slope style, and rail jam. By 9:00 am all the lifts on the mountain were on wind hold, so the director of the Billabong Flaunt it said they were going to take all competitors up to the top of the course by snow cat. Even though it would have been a fun experience to by brought by snow cat for every run, I was not looking forward to hitting a 40ft and 60ft jump with these high winds. A half hour goes by and the winds increased too high to have riders on the mountain so they postponed the event til Sunday. All the girls clapped and cheered, knowing that sunday will have better conditions. Billabong threw a bowling party for all the girls that night to celebrate for tomorrow’s event. The bowling party was a great idea, all the girls really got to know each other, making the on snow event more comfortable and fun.

    Sunday morning: I woke to beautiful blue bird sky with 18 new inches on the ground. I could not have asked for a better day. We got to the mountain an hour and a half before the event so we could ride Sierra’s fluffy powder. When the slope style started the course was a little slow because of the new snow, but that did not stop Jessika Jenson from taking 1st place with a $5,000 check! Congrats to her for killing it all day. After we were all treated to lunch we hit the rails. The rail jam went on for an hour, in a jam format. I took a pretty hard fall, knocking the wind out of me. I was pretty scared thinking I broke a rib, but luckily I just could not breathe for a minute. Though I did not place in the Rail Jam I was honored to shred with all of these talented ladies that traveled from all over for the competition. I did however get a shot on snowboarder magazine. Congrats to Breanna Strangeland for taking best trick at the Rail Jam with a $700 check. Words can’t express how much fun I had with these ladies. I hope to see you all next year.

    A big thanks to my Sponsors Akinz Boardwear, Flow Snowboards, Shred Betties and Essi Eye Wear

    Billabong Flaunt It slopestyle comp at Sierra

    Claire Demeyer on the down flat down at Billabong Flaunt It

    Above photos by Dustin Miller

    After the gap to flat victory at Billabong Flaunt It

  • Aspen Open Update from Erika Vikander

    Erika Vikander has been traveling so much this season that she has hardly had time to sit still…. a small injury during the Rev Tour forced her into a little bit of R&R, but after just a week, she’s back on the road. Here’s some deets from her travelling last week. She’s out at Mammoth for the Grand Prix this week, so check back for the results on that!

    Erika Vikander at the Aspen OpenMain Street in AspenAfter a much needed week off to let my body do some recovering, we drove back to Breckenridge on the night of Monday the 20th. We had two full days to practice on the notorious Aspen Open course. Early the following morning we got up to make the drive over to Aspen, with a little bit of unexpected weather we were unable to get over there in time to train that day, instead we registered, went back to our place, and let our minds ponder what the course might be like the following day.

    The following day was gray still, flat light, and a little bit of wind, but the jumps were manageable. This is by far the most technical course I have ever ridden, and I have a lot of respect for the athletes who competed on this same course for X-Games. The jumps, were big, and incredibly close together, with different speed needed each time you hit them, it was the perfect recipe to psyche yourself out. I decided that it was impairative to hit all of the jumps in a row at least to feel them out despite the conditions.

    The jumps were hard to clear sometimes, and unfortunately the knuckle of those beasts claimed a lot of talented riders.
    During training I think only about 3 girls made it through the entire course, myself included, so I was feeling about as prepared as everyone else, although I would be unable to do the run I really wanted, due to the lack of space between the take-off’s and landings.

    Aspen Open jumplineOn the road from Aspen for Mammoth!With four days between the training and my actual contest day, I had another day to rest, let my body recover, and watch some of the competition. On Saturday, the men’s slopestyle semi’s were going on, so the girls all snuck in a little extra practice.
    It was almost like riding a different course, the speed was FAST, it was almost scary, I took one run through the course to inspect the features before hitting them. When I came around again on my next lap, I had my bruised heels and tailbone in mind, thinking that landing short on the knuckle would be a season ender. I mentally prepared to go big on the first jump to line myself for the next three with lots of speed, I took the exact same line I had during practice with the same speed, and landed at the bottom of the landing directly on my already bruised tailbone. OUCH. That was all the practice I could handle that day, and I spent the rest of my day sitting in an ice tub.

    A great meal, some water, and ibuprofen had me asleep by 10pm on Saturday night before the contest. My body was very sore the next morning, but thanks to CAPIX I had some impact shorts to wear to help prevent future bruising.

    At the top of the course by 9am practice was over in a flash and went very well, but Aspen had other plans for us ladies, and by the time we were to compete, the winds were gusting in every direction. Wind is a scary element to deal with, not only do you have no control over it, when you get a huge gust mid-jump, there is essentially nothing you can do. With this in the back of all of our minds, we decided to go for it anyways, and the ladies hit the course.

    I was really hurting, but I wanted to make it through the whole course, and at least hit all of the jumps, I accomplished that, along with only 2 other ladies and landed myself in 4th place. I am happy with my performance as this was one of the most intense courses, I have yet faced. I came, I rode, and I conquered my own fears, which is a gold in my mind. Now off to Mammoth for the Grand Prix!

    Akinz, Echelon Snowboards, Capix Helmets, Gatorade,Fydelity, Canyons, Aerial 7

  • Erika Vikander’s Update – Cholula Triple Air & Dew Tour

    Erika has been traveling and competing over the last month and managed to bang herself up pretty good. Here’s her update on her experience at the Cholula Triple Air and Dew Tour in Snowbasin.

    Erika Vikander and Max Peters at the Dew Tour Snowbasin
    After a rough couple of days traveling back from Southern California from the Cholula Triple Air, where I bruised both heels and my tailbone severely, I was more than disappointed to know that I wouldn’t be totally healthy for the last stop of the Dew Tour.
    I made it back to Park City with a day to rest and ice before the Dew Tour practice started the following day, I was having trouble walking, and couldn’t think about how much landing from a big jump would hurt so I went by Surefoot to get some insight and custom footbeds from their friendly staff. I am flat footed anyways, so I needed to get this done, and I was finally in enough pain that I just went for it.
    After gathering those, and some compression shorts I religiously iced all evening in hopes I would feel a lot better the following morning, unfortunately, I did not.

    Erika Vikander on a rail at dew tourI decided while driving up to Snowbasin around 7am on another gray day that I really need to listen to my body and take it easy, although taking it easy in my mind is not exactly what the doctor would order. Training went pretty well despite the flat light, and my lack of riding the prior days, but as I went to hit the jumps the first time, I cased off the up box- cannon feature. Ouch. That was about all I could handle and at that point I realized I needed to just get through this and take a few days off for the sake of my body.

    I haven’t been injured much throughout my career, but injuring something as debilitating as your heels and tailbone is enough to send chills down your spine every time you take a step. I have a high pain thresh hold, but this was something that was simply not worth pushing through, ultimately making it worse, and would probably prevent me from competing for the rest of the season.

    Regardless of my condition is a privilege to be a part of the Dew Tour and especially the finals. I knew I couldn’t hit the jumps, nor withstand too much pounding on my heels but I didn’t want to completely drop out, so I got up early went to the top of the course and had to look at this competition in an entirely different fashion. When you go into something knowing you are not physically in a state to be doing so, your mind does funny things. Your mental state of mind makes up a bigger portion of your snowboarding than many may think, and it is extremely hard to overcome mental “blocks” you put up in your head. Learning to over come and push through these mental blocks is something one must do everyday while training, and especially with competing.
    In the end after taking my two runs through the rail sections, I ended up in 12th place, not my best showing, but I am still proud to say I pushed through the pain and dropped in, after all thats what we are supposed to do as athletes right? Push the limits?
    Thanks a ton to all of my sponsors and family who support me in everything I do!

  • 3rd Annual Sunglasses at Night Party

    For the third year of Akinz Sunglasses at Night Party, we’re bringing the party to 2 different cities, both in Steamboat Springs & Fort Collins. Two different parties, two different nights, twice the fun. Details for the Steamboat Springs party below, Fort Collins party details coming soon.

    Steamboat Sunglasses at Night Party

    Friday, February 24th

    RSVP on Facebook
    Location: Sweetwater Grill
    Time: 8pm – close

    $5 gets you:
    -a pair of our new colors of sunglasses
    -a chance at Akinz clothing giveaways
    -music from DJ Theory
    -VIP Bottle service area
    -AND… the PB&J Drink Special!! — a can of PBR and a shot of Jamo for only $7.

    Starts at 8pm and goes til we get kicked out.
    Promotions by SteamboatTonight.com

    Fort Collins Sunglasses at Night Party

    Early March

    Location: TBA
    Time: TBA

    Pics from last year’s party:

  • Erika road trips to Rev Tour

    Having driven to Park City the previous day from Colorado, I squeezed in enough time to Ride at Canyons to stretch my legs out before heading to Tahoe on Monday the 9th of January.

    Erika Vikander at Lake TahoeWe left around 10am after stopping by Starbucks of course. Anyone who knows me knows how addicted to coffee I am so there will be many more references throughout this post. The skies were blue, the road was clear, and we had my one and only Highlander set at a comfortable 78mph cruise control.Tthe speed limit is 75) With about 500 miles of open road in front of us, we thought it was necessary to set out at a diligent pace. Fortunately for me, I just got an I phone, thanks to my stepdad, so I had lots of entertaining things going on during the drive. I have become an instragram user as well so we took a ton of pictures.

    Upon arriving, I was devastated to see how little snow there was in Tahoe, I had heard there wasn’t any, but it’s hard to believe until you see it! We checked into our place at the base of Northstar, and got to bed early to get ready for training the next morning.

    Another beautiful spring-like morning in California had us up on the mountain around 9am. The course wasn’t open until 10, so we had a bit to check out the other features on the mountain. The rail line that was setup before you got to the course was really fun to play around, and get warmed up on, but the course was the place to be if you were trying to ride park.

    I had a great day training on the course, and felt pretty good. Considering I didn’t compete until Friday, I didn’t want to push it too hard. A few more days of fun in the sun and Friday had already snuck up on me.

    It was a crisp bluebird morning the day of the 13th, and the course was incredibly fast. I had no complaints about the course which consisted of; two options up top, on the right was a down box to a flat-down box, and to the left was a down rail, to a really fun wall ride. To finish it off was two jumps. I chose to hit the left side because the judges had determined it was the “more difficult” line of the two. I had a blast weaving my way through the course, and got two laps in before the contest started.

    Max Peters and Erika VikanderUS Revolution Tour

    I was 3rd to last in the heat of about 30-40 girls, so I had a long time to try to stay warm, and focused. Being so early in the morning, I knew people would have trouble putting a run down due to the shady conditions on the course, so I played it pretty safe on my first run, and qualified 2nd for finals.
    When finals started the top 6 ladies were gathered at the top around 11am the sun was just peeking out around the trees to light up the course for us. Again I was 4th to drop so I had to stay entirely focused, and warm while waiting for my other competitors to take their runs.

    I stomped both of my runs, but in the end I played it just a little too safe. I took third on the podium behind some very talented girls that were really fun to watch. Lots of respect to all of the other women throwing down on this course, it was wildly entertaining! I did my research before awards and found there was a Starbucks conveniently located right in the village where awards were being held so once again, I got some coffee.
    We left early the next morning to head back to Park City, arriving a little later than expected we were both so tired at the end we had to hit the hay. Now, off to to Breck for some training, big jumps, and S.I.A.

    Thanks to everyone at the REV TOUR and NORTHSTAR for putting on a wonderful event, as well as a thanks to all of my sponsors for your support (Gatorade, Capix, Akinz, Fydelity)

    Erika Vikander on podium at US Rev Tour

    And one special thanks to ECHELON SNOWBOARDS for making this trip possible for me!

  • Update from out West – Claire Hewitt-Demeyer

    In this sad sad winter of no snow, the land out west, AKA Tahoe has been getting the worst of it, but Claire hasn’t let that stop her, she’s filling up her weekends with rail jam time. Here’s a little update from our western team rider, Claire Hewitt-Demeyer.

    I am competing in the USASA rail jam series for 2011/2012. USASA has hosted two events in South Lake Tahoe so far. The first competition was held off of HWY 50 by Reagan beach. A lot of locals came out to compete and have a great time! On 12/3/11 twenty five competitors came to Tahoe for the 1st USASA rail jam series. I took 2nd place in the event. The second USASA rail jam was hosted this weekend 1/6/12, this event also was a competition to get an invite to the Winter X Games in Aspen Co. I took 1st place, Natasha Sagucka took 2nd, and Julianne Brackett took 3rd. Along with taking 1st place I took runner up for the invite to the Aspen winter X Games. I hope that you can all make it to the 3rd event on 2/3/12 go to Usasa.org

    Claire Hewitt Demeyer rail jam
    (photo by Nathan Vetter)

    I did two competitions this weekend the other being the Volcom Peanut Butter Rail jam. Volcom’s 1st stop of the Peanut Butter and rail jam was at Sierra Resort in Tahoe. The set up was a lot of fun: a down flat down, pole jam to pole bonk, and a down rail. There was a lot of great talent that showed up for event. Everyone gave it their all! Here are the results of the competition: Girls: 1st Rebeccas Bruce, 2nd Fancy Rutherford, 3rd Julianne Bracket, 4th Claire Hewitt-Demeyer, and 5th Tasha Sagucka. The top five finalists of each division got an invite to the championship in Mammoth Ca, April 21, 2012 for a winning of $20,000.

    I want to thank my sponsors: Flow Snowboards, Akinz Boardwear, Essi Eyewear, and Shred Betties Magazine.