• Beanie Bash and Scavenger Hunt

    Akinz is hosting a Beanie Bash party on Thursday the 13th of October at our new showroom space. And we’re sending you guys on a scavenger hunt to get excited for the party and to win free beanies. We’re hiding beanies all over Fort Collins. Some we are leaving for you without leaving clues behind and others will have clues supplied on our Facebook page.

    If you find a mini beanie, you will win either a $5 off coupon, $10 off coupon, free t-shirt, free t-shirt with beanie purchase, or free custom beanie. If you take a picture with your mini beanie and send it to us at suzanne@akinz.com then you’ll also be entered to win a free hoodie. Keep an eye out around town and on our Facebook Page for hints to nab one.

    Akinz Beanie Bash and Scavenger Hunt Fort Collins

    Party details:

    When: Thursday, October 13th 6:00pm – 10:00pm
    What: Sales, deals, and free bevvies (for those 21 and up with a FB rsvp).
    Why: To celebrate the start of winter and our new permanent custom beanie creation station.

    Please RSVP on Facebook: Beanie Bash Facebook Event

    and please ride your bike if you plan on drinking.

  • HoodLife with Erika Vikander

    Newest edit from the summer from Erika Vikander.

    HoodLife with Erika Vikander from Alice Owens on Vimeo.

  • Summer Camp Time with Erika Vikander

    Summer Camps are going on all over the country and our ladies crew is coaching all over the country. Lil’ Kim Kirch was out at the Kansas City Watersports teaching an all girls Wakeboard Camp with Melissa Marquardt at the beginning of June. Team skier Ashley Battersby will be out at Windell’s all summer. And team rider Erika Vikander just made her way out to Hood, but not before making a stop at Woodward at Copper to coach the adult session.

    Copper Snowboard camp ladies groupOver the past couple months I have been looking forward to being a “guest pro” for Woodward at Copper’s first session sponsored by angrysnowboarder.com. So when June 13th rolled around, I was more than ready to hop in the car and drive to Summit County for adult week at Woodward.

    The campers arrived on June 14th and had the day to settle before a welcome dinner that evening. After the dinner the wonderful staff at woodward took the time to walk everyone through the facility and the schedule for the next day. I am still in awe as to what an state-of-the-art facility they have to offer. With real snow jumps, and an airbag outside, to multiple trampolines, foam pits, and snowflex jumps in the barn, Woodward offers a variation of features for all ability levels.

    The following morning was the first day on snow, the excitement was in the air as we all loaded up the buses after breakfast, which was supplied all week including lunch and dinner! (Thanks Woodward!) When we got to the snow, we had a little time to check out the features and decide whether or not we wanted to hike, or take car laps, I opted to take advantage of the car laps and not tire myself out hiking in the hot sun. First day was pretty mellow as everyone was getting their legs back, and I had some work to get accomplished as well. I showed up to camp with several awesome products from my sponsors; NICHE SNOWBOARDS, GATORADE, AND AKINZ to give to the campers. Niche had given me a snowboard to specifically give to the girl I thought deserved it the most, and I had already made a decision the first day. Just as anxious as the rest of the campers, I had trouble sleeping that night and couldn’t wait to get back on snow the following day.

    Teaching board slides at Woodward at CopperWe woke to a beautiful sunny morning. With the sun dancing on the iridescent mountain-tops it was one of the most inviting spectacles I have ever seen. Fifteen minutes later I arrived back at breakfast got my coffee and was back on the bus being shuttled to the hill. There were a couple of other invited pro’s there, and I had the chance to get to ride with those guys, which was awesome! Woodward was also flexible enough to let me interact as much or as little with the campers, and especially the female campers. I gave pointers where I could, but most of the girls were separated into all male groups, so I went around to the girls and let them know that the following day we were having an all girls group and it was ON!

    Before leaving on Thursday, myself and the two other male snowboard pro’s were invited to stay after the campers left and have a private photoshoot in the park. We were all so excited to just be able to ride without a lot of people there, but we also got snowmobile laps on the park! What an end to an already amazing day. WOODWARD you really outdid yourselves there! And a huge shoutout to RYAN SABOL for taking great shots! That evening there were some fun activities geared towards the adult campers, I came out and spectated for a while at the beer pong tournament, we had some fun!

    Erika doing a method at Woodward Summer CampFriday was the last day of camp, although the spirits were up, the mutual feeling about camp being
    over was a sad one. Determined to make sure the girls specifically had a good time, I grabbed each one from their separate groups, and formed our own. I wanted to work, but also make it fun for the girls, so I told them that I would give them each prize packages for really trying new things. Every single girl in my group took at least 3 huge steps up their personal ladders, which is more than any coach can ask for. The looks on their faces at the end of the day was priceless, and it feels awesome to get people stoked on something you truly love as well. The day flew by, and we barely had enough time to hit the jump, before we started the highest high-five contest for the entire camp. Everyone participated and had so much fun, the pictures will justify.

    After the on-snow session we came down to “The Edge,” to have lunch, and do the giveaways. I had prize packages put together for all the girls, and the seemed pretty stoked! I had one snowboard to give to a girl, as well as Scott having bindings and boots to giveaway. Lisa Collier was a camper in my group from New York who clearly deserved a new setup, she had a great attitude, and was riding a setup straight from 1997. Upon receiving her new setup, she wasn’t sure what to do, cry, laugh, jump, scream, or just stand there in total disbelief. In the end she was so excited and it was rad to see what an impact you can make on someone’s life. Around the same time we had cases of Gatorade show up for the campers and staff to enjoy… Thanks Tera!

    Hope everyone had as much fun as me and comes back for the Angrysnowboarder.com session at Woodward at Copper! THANKS ESPECIALLY TO AVRAN, GATORADE,NICHE, AKINZ AND OF COURSE WOODWARD FOR HAVING ME!

  • Winter’s Not Over!

    First Run at Kirkwood!

    Winter over? Not for many. This winter has been one of the best, starting in late October and continuing throughout late May into June. It just seems to be prolonging itself. Snow is still falling by the foot and all the die hard’s are trying to add as many more days to their season as they can. I was stoked to be one of them and hit up Kirkwood and Squaw’s last day.

    On my way to Tahoe we hit snow storms driving over Sonora Pass, a pass near my house leading you into Nevada, upon arrival in Tahoe the snow was still dropping and really starting to accumulate. You can only imagine my feeling of stupidity rocking sandals for this shred trip. I mean one would think it being Memorial day weekend that you would be able to get away with some summer threads.  But, I didn’t let my stupidity hold my rush of excitement back from the fresh falling snow.  All this meant was that’s the last day of the season would be a powder day at Kirkwood!

    Chairs 10 and 11 were open only, so the Wall was going off in full effect. If you haven’t ridden Kirkwood’s Wall you really need to get over to Tahoe and check it out. You see some of the best riders cruising this wall and blasting through the chutes.  I’m not going to lie, it took some female balls for me to get down the Wall, it was steeper than it looked from the lift.  Here’s some advice: never talk something up until you have tried at at least once…riding up the lift I was telling everyone that the Wall looked easy and would be no big deal. I may have given myself way too much confidence, because when I got to the top and looked down I may have saw the fear. So I had to female balls it  big time to get down, and trust me I was shaking in my outerwear…but it was awesome!

    In all, both days of riding were pretty good conditions for being the end of May, and gaining a goggle tan in the spring time was also a major bonus. I highly recommended adding as many days on to your season as you can, this is not one to miss.

    Though, for many the winter season is over and there are new adventures to be had. Maybe a time to pick up a new summer hobby? Or go on an epic road trip. Whatever it is, make it a summer that you will always remember, go off the limb a bit and dig deep into your bucket list.  If you still have the shred bug, which many of us hold year round, go to your nearest ice rink and ask to get some of the groomed shavings, set up a box or rail and have a little shred fest with your friends.  But if you still can, keep adding the days! No one wants the winter to end, they may say it for a couple weeks, but once it does its over until next year. Get as much shred time in as you can!

  • Erika Vikander wins at the Campus Rail Jam Tour Finals

    Team Rider Erika never fails to deliver and this season has been nothing different. In probably the last snowboard rail jam of the (real) season in Portland, Or at the Campus Rail Jam Tour finals, she killed it and ended up at the top of the podium with a nice little box of cash to get her through the summer.

    Erika Vikander wins First Place at Campus Rail Jam Tour
    Friday May 26th I hopped on a plane from Salt Lake City up to Portland, OR. This is the second time I have attended the Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour Finals, and probably my tenth time competing in the series. The guys at the tour do a great job keeping everything legitimate, therefore its easy to come back year after year! I landed around 7pm and my friend Janessa came and picked me up, we got some food then went to her house to rest up for the following contest day.

    The following morning we woke up to some true Oregon weather, rain. Thankfully I had checked the weather prior to leaving so I was prepared. Janessa was patient and kind enough to play tour guide all day before the contest, and she took me to some pretty spectacular places around Portland. We checked out Pittock Mansion, downtown, and some other areas, it was really nice and I appreciate her putting up with me being such a tourist!

    Erika Vikander with Randa ShahinThe contest didn’t start until about 3:30 after we had about thirty minutes to practice. Trying not to get too wet or wear myself out, I only hit it twice during practice to feel the speed.The girls were all grouped together, in the 3rd heat, so we had a while to hang out and socialize. I spent most of my time with Janessa and her boyfriend and fellow Shred Betties team rider Randa Shahin. Between the crowd, the setup, and those two girls my spirits were high and I was ready to get out onto the course.

    With about eight or nine other girls competing, I wasn’t sure what to expect. These girls not only met, but exceeded my expectations for the level of riding. I was very impressed with what girls were doing, and trying to do. It poured rain on us the whole time, but I had enough in me to get some solid tricks on every feature which included; a down-flat-down rail on the lookers right, a launch box in the middle, and down rail with a kick at the end of it on the lookers left. The jam lasted about 30 minutes, then they announced the top 5 finalists which included myself and Janessa!

    The crowd was pleased to have this going on downtown Portland and the CRJT guys always find a way to get them involved. This time they had a dance off featuring some of the very colorful people in the audience. Needless to say it was amazing to watch. After the dance-off it was time for finals to start, all the the guys and girls on ski’s and snowboard’s were at the top strapped in, itching to drop first.

    Erika Vikander Rail Jam Portland

    In the end I believe they were looking for consistency across the board and a variety of tricks. I cleaned the down-flat-down rail a few times, got some solid back lips and 180’s on and off the down rail, and some good 180 taps over the launch box. I was very happy to take 1st and Janessa got 2nd and another lady shred friend Krysta got 3rd! It was a great event and a lot of love goes out to the guys who put this on year after year. Another successful year down, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year. THANKS FOR ANOTHER GREAT EVENT GUYS! Till next year…

  • Akinz Got New Meat! Intern Erin…

    My name is Erin Blaisdell and I am more than excited to start interning with Akinz. I am looking forward to being a part of a company that keeps it real and only gives us what we want, creativity with top of the line apparel and accessories. A little background about me is that I am an avid snowboarder and skateboarder who loves the outdoors, I do not think I could live my life any other way. Catching the thrill of it all is what I seek out.

    I have been working around the industry as a Marketing/PR/ Sales Assistant for a few years. I have met some great people along the way and absolutely love being apart of this community. I have recently moved from the East Coast out West to explore more life and make some grand memories. And no, I do not have a favorite coast, they both have some great qualities and life that I find exciting. Ill be posting up some Blog entries about the on goings at Akinz and whatever we think is awesome that you should know about. Make sure you check in often so you do not miss out. Akinz is  constantly growing and you do not want to be the one not in the know!

  • Claire’s back from being broken!

    Good news everyone, I am back out there on my snowboard! I am now recovered from a painful injury back in November, when I fell perfecting a 270 on an urban down rail at Boreal Mountain, CA. The only beneficial part about breaking my Humerus, is that I was able to return back to Colorado for two months to visit family and friends in: Summit County, Aspen, Glenwood, Steamboat, and Park City, Utah. I returned to South Lake Tahoe, Ca on February 5th, it felt great to be back and see my Tahoe friends!

    As soon as I got home, I started snowboarding without my sling. I took it easy for a couple of weeks to give my arm a little more time to heal. This past week the snow conditions have been great, the snow really allowed my friends and I the chance to explore and find new places we can shoot. The black and white photo was taken in South Lake Tahoe back country. After a 45 minute hike this was the second pillow line we found. I could not stop smiling after dropping it. The wall ride photo was out by North shore Tahoe, this photo shoot never had a dull moment. We arrived at 11:30 and didn’t leave till 5, all the riders got a few great shots and I know everyone left with a smile on their face. This Last photo is of myself representing my new Flow Snowboard! The photo was taken right before we left North Shore Tahoe. I want to thank photographer Geno Fonderoli for all of his hard work and in helping me get the best shot.
    Claire on a wallride in an Akinz hoodie dressClaire hitting a sick pillow lineClaire Hewitt Demeyer in akinz hoodie dress

    I also want to give a BIG THANKS out to my sponsors; Flow Snowboards, Shred Betties Magazine, Akinz Boardwear, Onus Arts, and Essi Eye Wear!

  • Erika at the Campus Rail Jam Tour at University of Utah

    Erika always kills it at the Campus Rail Jam Tour, so the stop at the University of Utah played out per the usual. Check her out all steezed out with her Akinz t-shirt dress and chunk gator.

    The Campus Rail Jam Tour is always one of my favorite contests to participate in. It’s always a fun crowd, there is good music, a great setup, and lots of familiar faces! I showed up on Thursday the 24th, to an unpleasantly gray day in Salt Lake City. I got there around 11am to register. Having done the contest almost every year they have put it on, I am pretty comfortable around the campus, and had no trouble getting myself all situated. I was greeted by some good friends who came out to support, along with my big brother, and some of the Niche crew. I spent most of my time hanging with my friend Cat and her roommate Maddee. We were having a blast watching everyone, and dancing our hearts out.

    When it finally came time to compete I was more than ready, and the setup looked really fun. From lookers left to right the setup consisted of; a down-flat-down rail, a launch box with a gap on the end, and a down rail with little kink at the end for added technical difficulty. I climbed all the way to the top of the scaffolding, strapped in, and dropped into the launch box. Trying to set a high standard for the girls, I tried to do a smooth press and grab my board off the box, when I landed I sunk in about 6 inches into slush, and had to readjust my game plan.

    Next up I tried my luck with the down rail. I got it first try, with a clean frontside 180 out, but that slush got me again, and I couldn’t stick the landing. After that, I decided I would not fall anymore. Nervously peering over the edge of the drop-in to get a look at the rail, I strapped in and went for it. Success! I was feeling very good about that rail, and spent most of my time on it. I did some pretty good tricks on there including a solid frontboard through the kink, which was a personal goal of mine. By the end of the 40 minute heat we were all down right exhausted.

    I cheered on the rest of my friends who were competing including Cat who was up next. She killed it the whole time and WON! YAY CAT! In the meantime while Cat and I were competing, Madee was holding it down on the dancefloor for us. She even won the “Teach me how to dougie” contest! We all had a blast hanging out all day, but it was finally time for the results! With the suspense building up inside me, knowing there were some good girls there, I couldn’t barely even listen when they announced the 2nd and 1st places. Lejawn Allen ended up in 3rd. Alexa McCarty took 2nd, and I ended up in the top spot on the podium! After a quick interview with Fuel Tv I had to fly up the canyon to get to work! Needless to say, it was a long, busy, and super fun day! Thanks to CRJT for putting on yet another great event. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Friday Night Live at Park City

    friday night live rail jam series at Park City Mountain ResortErika Vikander scores another podium place at the Friday Night Live rail jam session at Park City Mountain Resort.

    Friday the 18th of February marked the 2nd event in the “Friday Night Live” series hosted by Park City Mountain Resort. After snowboarding for a little bit at Canyons Resort, I headed to the base of PCMR around 4:30pm to register. With the contest starting at 5, I had just enough time to hit each feature once before they started the “17 and under” competitors. I was a little surprised at how many girls showed up for the contest, considering there usually are only like three girls total, enough girls showed up at this event to have a 5 girl final!

    Our heat consisted of all open class men, women, skiers, and snowboarders, so it was a fight to drop in. We had fifteen minutes to jam and try to make it to finals, with quick hike back up the hill, I got a sufficient amount of drops, and some really solid tricks. Temperatures dropped quickly, and we were all anxious to get the finals started. They announced the finalists, including myself, and some other great riders, and we got the show on the road! My first drop I did a frontside 180 on and off the down rail. As soon as I landed, the lights went out. Apparently this is the first time this has happened, and it was a little ironic that it happened at a time when we REALLY needed the lights. I hiked back up, and waited for about 20 minutes with the rest of the competitors before we were allowed to drop again.

    When the lights came back on, everyone was back on the course with full force. I did a couple of legitimate back-lips, and 180’s onto the down rails, along with some proper boardslides, and frontboards. I felt pretty good about my performance by the end, but I was exhausted! Awaiting patiently at the bottom of the course for results, everyone was all smiles. After working so hard, and then standing around, most were shaking from the cold, and everyone was ready to get out of there.

    They announced the top three in each category and I’m happy to say I got 2nd, behind my friend Wiki Jones who had a great night of riding. Thanks to PCMR for hosting a great event. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that fifteen minute jam sessions are the way to go!

  • Erika nabs 2nd at Mtn High Gatorade Free Flow Tour

    Erika is at it again… getting glamour shots on another snowboarding rail jam’s podium. Here’s her story about getting to Mtn High and how it all went down.

    The 2nd annual GFFT has begun. The first stop was this past weekend at Mtn. High. I decided to catch a ride down to southern California with my friend Tim, who was also competing. We left around 8a.m the morning of the 13th. We were driving all the way to Orange County, so he could drop me off with my family, then continue down to San Diego. After 9 hours in the car, we hit some traffic around Riverside area, with little patience left, we made it through, and he dropped me at my sisters house in Newport Beach.

    The next day we had off to re-cooperate from the drive, and spend some time with our families. My sister and I took the ferry to Balboa Peninsula, walked around the shops, and grabbed lunch. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day, but my mind kept wandering to the slopes regardless of the 75 degree weather on the beach. I met back up with Tim in the early evening,
    and we drove up to our hotel just outside of Wrightwood.

    Registration started in the morning at around 7:30, and we were there right on time to get registered, and indulge in some great breakfast that was provided for us. It was a perfect day. Sunny and about 55 degress. We had about an hour to practice on the course, which was relatively smaller than last years. With 3 jumps that were all under 20 feet, and one rail, or box option, I felt pretty confident about the competition. After landing my run I wanted in practice, my friend Kim and I ventured to the West side of the mountain to meet up with a couple of my other friends who were up there riding. We all rode around the cluster of people and slush for a couple hours, before catching the bus back down to where we were competing.

    We showed up just in time to take our runs! I was happy to be surrounded with a couple of friends from last years competition, and we all encouraged each other at the top of the course. My first run went well, I landed everything pretty clean, but it was my safety run. The next run I decided to step up my run, and unfortunately I slightly butt-checked doing a 540, determined to not let it shake me, I continued with the rest of my run, and was actually scored higher on that run than the run I landed clean. With no finals for girls, and the best of two runs format, I was a little disappointed with myself, but was having such a great day in sunny southern california, nothing could get me down. We hung out in the lodge for a while before the awards started. I ended up getting 2nd place! I am very happy being on the podium, despite not landing the run I really wanted. Congrats to Jamie and Nirvana who took 1st and 3rd! And thanks to Mtn. High and Gatorade for putting on a really fun event.

    Another two hour drive back to orange county, and I was back at my sisters house in Newport. It was Saturday night, so we went out to a little place on the peninsula and danced! We had a great time! The next morning, my mom came and picked me up, and we took Pacific Coast Highway down to her house in Laguna Beach. My stepdad came and met us with some delicious lunch, and we all caught up and figured out the rest of my schedule for the season. After a successful meeting he took off, and my mom and I met my sister and her boyfriend at their new house in Laguna.

    After a while, they hit the beach, and my mom and I cruised around Laguna Niguel. The day ended too quickly, and before we knew it, it was dinner time! With full tummies, we decided to go see the movie Black Swan, it was by far the craziest movie I have ever seen. Knowing I had to leave the next morning we stayed up late that night and watched movies, and caught up on the past couple of months, its always nice to hang out with family.

    Monday the 17th was another beautiful day at the beach, which didn’t make it any easier to leave. We hit the road around 11am, and didn’t make it home until about 11pm. It was a long drive to say the least, but we hit some really great souvenir shops on the way! All in all it was a successful trip for everyone!