• 5 Essentials for your Next Road Trip

    We’re thinking the May snow we got this weekend is the last we’ll see for the season so now our brain is focused on Summer Adventures! Hopefully you have at least 1 or 2 summer road trips planned so we wanted to share our 5 Akinz picks that we believe are essentials for any road trip.

    1. The perfect pair of shades
    Pick from our new selection of polarized wayfarer sunglasses. Our fave is the black with teal mirror lens.

    2. A cozy pullover
    Everyone needs a cozy sweatshirt whether you’re driving thru the night or sleeping under the stars. Our fave is the Ride More, Work Less crewneck. It has super soft sponge fleece and whether you’re headed to Mt. Hood or Moab, the message still rings true.

    3. The perfect beanie
    Whether you’re trekking into the mountains or strolling along a breezy beach, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you won’t need a beanie. Grab our lightweight and machine washable fold beanie in your choice of color.

    4. An everyday tee or tank
    Never leave home without a t-shirt or tank top that you’d be willing to wear the entire road trip, even if you don’t have to. We’ve got a ton of tank top options for you, but our current fave is the “I Just Wanna Ride Bikes” muscle tank.

    5. Summer Hat
    Something to keep the shade out of your eyes and tame the messy road trip hair. Go for a basic black 5 panel or our new fun Dappled Mesh Snapback.

  • New Arrivals – Slouchy Sweatshirts, headbands, and holiday

    New stuff dropping in the shop every week. Here’s what’s new now:

    Reindeer Games Slouchy Purple Sweatshirt

    Reindeer Games Holiday T-shirt

    Colorado Flag Headband

    Colorado Flag Slouchy Black Sweatshirt

  • Respire Haiti Otterbox Fundraiser

    OtterBox has a great fundraising program where they get their employees involved in choosing where their donation dollars are spent. It is called the G3 Challenge – OtterCares (the charitable arm of OtterBox) ‘gives’ each OtterBox employee a $200 certificate to GROW for the non profit of their choice.

    We think it’s a fantastic program! That’s why we teamed up with one of the OtterBox employees to create these sweatshirts to raise money for Respire Haiti, an organization whose mission is to “encourage, educate and empower restaveks, orphans and vulnerable children.” From the Otter employee, “We are doing http://respirehaiti.org/ because our fellow co-worker moved there and is serving there. We have 3 weeks to ‘grow it’ and then ‘give it’ on April 13th.”

    These sweatshirts are made from an eco-fleece that is a blend of organic and recycled materials and dyed with low-impact yarn dyes, so not only will you be helping others, but you’ll be doing it with a garment that is safe for the planet. Available in heathered royal blue, red, or black.

    Each one costs $40 and 50% of the proceeds will go to this Otter group who will then pass it on to Respire Haiti. If they raise the most, OtterCares will then donate another $3000 to their chosen charity. Preorder deadline is April 11th to give these otters enough time to get the funds for donation to Respire Haiti. All sweatshirts will be shipped out within a week of order deadline. Order here.