• Father’s Day Gift Guide

    Still shopping for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Drop by our Fort Collins flagship store and pick up the perfect gift for whatever type of Dad you call your own. Bikes and Beer? Fortlandia? Colorado Pride? Baseball cap? 5 panel? Basic beanie? We’ve got you covered.

    Simplify your shopping in our online store and selecting store pickup at checkout to have your order ready and waiting for you.


  • Help Support the Akinz Team by shopping!

    Since Akinz has announced our new team for the 09/10 winter season, they’ve come up with some big ideas, but unfortunately, Akinz is still fairly small company. So, Akinz is giving them the opportunity to grow the Team Fund… this fund will go towards travel for comps, backyard rail jams, video edits, or whatever else they come up with.

    So, now is your chance to help them out! If there is an item you’ve had your eye on on the Akinz site, buy it between now and October 19th and 20% of the sale will go to their Fun/Travel/Comp Fund.

    Shop http://www.shop.akinz.com now!

  • Nobody likes puny discounts

    So, waking up this morning with the snow falling, we got really excited about the opening day being only 2 weeks away. But then when we went to change the discount code to 14% off, we realized that 14% is not very exciting. So, to match our excitement for the fluffy whiteness that is raining down outside, we decided to ramp up the discount to 25% and leave it there until the mountain opens.

    Slice ‘n Dice t-shirts are now up for sale and keep checking back to see some winter hats hit the racks soon!

  • International Analytics and shipping

    So, we recently started using Google Analytics to try and figure out who looks at our site and why and where they come from. Anyway, a little feature I just stumbled upon is the visitor map which I instantly spent about 10 minutes playing with. Apparently we have had visitors from 19 different countries, including 4 visitors from Moldova and I’m not even sure where that is.

    After figuring that out, I thought now might be a good time to answer a question I get asked a lot, Do you ship internationally? YES! We do ship internationally and have our checkout system set up for about 9 different countries. If you are shopping from Moldova, for instance, and don’t find your country on the list but you want to buy something, just shoot me an email and I’ll set it up.

    Akinz is currently set up to ship our t-shirts, hats, and jewelry to:
    Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany, and Sweden

    Plus, I just added Moldova… just for fun. 🙂