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Handcrafted Clothing for the Adventurer at Heart

Akinz is a handcrafted lifestyle brand for the adventurer at heart. The Akinz company and our products is infused with the adventurous goals and dreams that it started with.  We take pride in adding handcrafted elements to everything we make.  Our shirts are printed right in our flagship store in Fort Collins, Colorado and we make all of our beanies by hand.

Kate Gress, 14er conqueror, Akinz ambassador. Kate climbed her first 14er in 2013, and just completed 58/58 of Colorado’s 14,000 ft mountains at the end of August, 2020! We’re inspired by her motivation and dedication to finish her long-time goal. She brings the same passion in helping us spread the Akinz motto in her every day life.

Meet our Ambassadors || Kate Gress

Whether you're shopping for an adventurous guy, a rad woman, someone who loves beer or bikes, the little ones in your life, or the little gifts to fill their stockings, we've got gift ideas for all the people on your shopping list!

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