Akinz adds a line of sunglasses to their Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Akinz adds a line of sunglasses to their Spring/Summer 2010 Collection


Shenanakinz sunglassesAkinz is showing their support for some ‘sunscreen for the eyes’ this summer with a new line of wayfarer-style sunglasses titled, ‘Shenanakinz’. Their play on words name is attributed to all the different kinds of shenanigans they expect you to partake in during your summer days.

“If you’re like me, you’re pretty active in the summer and likely to lose or break a couple of pairs of sunglasses along the way. So, when we made our sunglasses, I wanted to make some in rocking fun colors that look awesome and won’t break the bank.” says Akinz owner Suzanne Akin.

The sunglasses are available in Fluoro (lime green that looks highlighter-esque in the sun), Flamingo, and Aquamarine with the Akinz logo print on left stem in white and will only set you back $15 per pair. So, when your sunglasses happen to fall under a bicycle tire, get left at the crag, fall off a boat, disappear into some rapids while tubing, or whatever else you may be getting into, you can grab another pair of Shenanakinz.

See the new sunglasses and the rest of their newly released Spring/Summer line at http://www.akinz.com

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