Erika Vikander

Erika Vikander

Erika is a well-rounded rider who grew up at Bridger Bowl in Montana, but now stores her stuff in between Salt Lake City, Breckenridge, and Mammoth. Competing since 2004 has landed her a lot of experience as well as a sponsorship with Akinz. Last season, she dominated the female circuit, taking back to back to back first places for the last few months of the season.

Home Mountain:

Canyons, UT

Current Setup:

Echelon Killbox 148 w/ Flux GU15 bindings

Fave place to ride?

Mammoth, CA

How long have you been riding?

since I was 11 years old

Recent Achievements

Campus Rail Jam Tour Finals — 1st
Neff Beach Bash – Brighton — 1st
Cholula Triple Air – Mtn High — 2nd
Campus Rail Jam Tour – U of U — 1st

So how did you spend your summer?

Well, I got to guest coach the adult session at Woodward at Copper. It was super fun to get to use all the facilities, then my mom and I road tripped through Moab and the Grand Canyon back to SoCal. I headed up to Mt. Hood after that and got to ride at Windell’s for about a month which was cool since it was my first time up there. And then after that, I went back down to Cali and trained at my gym for about a month before heading out to Colorado.

Best trick?

Cab 540

What are you working on right now?

backside rodeos, corked maneuvers

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Hmmm.. chocolate cake. I can eat a whole one to myself 😉 But it has to be home-made.

Dream vacation spot?

Switzerland — and hopefully I’m going there this season.

What is it about snowboarding that gets you excited?

It takes me back to being a little kid. Having no worries, being totally free, and “finding my wings.” I can really connect with the Akinz motto “find your wings”. It describes exactly what snowboarding is to me. Snowboarding is my way to let go and be free, like having wings.

Describe your shred style

Smooth, creative and powerful. Kind of like reggae.

Do you think that your long flowing locks give you strength, just like Samson?

Haha. My long locks definitely give me strength, and block my vision! I usually end up tucking in my hair when I’m riding, so not only I can see, but people don’t judge me differently because i’m obviously a girl. Plus the wow factor is too funny when guys think that i’m a guy too, then I take off my helmet and they’re like “Oh man, I thought you were a guy.” It never gets old…

Photos courtesy of Rocky Maloney Photography

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