Kimmy Sharp

Kimmy Sharp

Born and raised in Park City, Utah, Kimmy was destined for the skiing life since she started skiing at only 2 years old! She recently snagged 1st place at the Aspen Open, even though she’s just coming back from a year and a half long injury recovery.


Akinz, Saga Outerwear, Blue House Skis

How long have you been skiing?

Since I was 2 years old!

Anything that makes you extra special that you think we might like to know?

I also love to skateboard play soccer, hike, bike, camp, and surf!

What’s your goal for this season?

To make a solid comeback to the sport after being out with an injury for so long and get some god results started.

Plans for the summer? Any trips lined up or summer camps?

To ski and train as much as possible!! Learn new tricks and perfect old ones!

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