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Rig To Flip on July 8th: Help Conserve the Rivers of the West

Rig to Flip is on a mission to bring attention to the endangered rivers of the west. They recently spread their wings through the canyons of Southern Colorado on the once lively, now dying, Dolores River. A river that has been dammed and used for irrigation- with little regard for those downstream.

Dolores Today

The crew took three pack rafts down the Dolores river to film the conditions that the endangered fish, wildlife and plant life experience below the McPhee dam.


The crew flipped boats, lost gear and experienced extreme weather conditions in the attempt to bring the issues of the Dolores River to the mainstream public.


The team has a goal of raising $2,000 to fund their ability to continue providing educational films, at no cost to the public. So far, the crew has reached $400 towards their goal.

IMG_0561They gathered hundreds of hours of footage and photographs.


Help to bring the Dolores- the River of Sorrows- back to the public eye.


Help to Akinz fund their conservation mission to share the issues of the endangered waters of the west by participating in Akinz’s Rig to Flip Day on July 8th.

NEW ITEMS: Under The Stars

What better place to be than under the stars in the summertime? That’s why we have designed a shirt that you can wear under your work week button up to serve as reminder of what the weekend brings.


Our men’s shirt comes in a soft tri-blend that will feel great against sunburned skin while sitting next to the campfire. We pride ourselves on not only providing style but comfort in our designs.under-the-stars-gray-triblend-tee


The ladies version comes in a soft turquoise racer back tank. Nothing says summer like a racer back tan line. This tank is ideal for taking a hike in to the peaks where you get the best view of the starry night sky.under-the-stars-tank-top
When casual Friday comes around, proudly sport where you will be this upcoming weekend under your work blazer- UNDER THE STARS.

Akinz Summer Road Trip

Road Trip Heading West and Dressed to Impress


What better way to explore the freedom of summer than with a summer road trip? The early days of summer call for us to stretch our wings and get moving in the new found heat. But where to explore first? We have compiled our favorite stops to add to you road trip in the west.

Capitol Reef, UT


Photo Cred: dipsdas.wordpress.com

What is a road trip out west without a stop in the desert? Explore the land of the ancient ones in your comfy galaxy shorts or leggings to avoid getting sunburnt with their built in sun protection. This area is known for being home to the Anasazi and is covered in petroglyphs and pictographs with amazing hikes to get to them. After you’re done scrambling around on the red rock and exploring canyons, head back to the visitor center for some homemade ice cream at the Gifford Homestead where they still can fruit and vegetables and make everything by hand like the original settlers. You may want to consider packing warm clothes for those chilly desert nights, such as your Signet Henley long sleeve.

Craters of the Moon, ID


Photo cred: visitidaho.org

Looking for an “weird and scenic” way to break up the drive on your way to the coast? A stop at the volcanic remnants in the middle of a Idaho will make you wonder how it all happened. The drive across barren desert and then grassy foothills leads you to a black volcanic rock covered wasteland. Make sure to pack along your sunnies, the reflection off the volcanic rock is pretty intense. In addition the stellar star show you can see out there, there are caves to explore and volcanoes to hike! As you make your way through Boise, make a stop in at Outdoor Exchange to grab any last minute camping or Akinz gear you may need to get you through the rest of your trip.

Seaside, OR


No road trip is complete without a visit to the beach. Get your toes in the sand and a great view of the ocean while relaxing outside of the car for a change. You’ll stay comfortable and breezy in our new SALT, LIME & SUNSHINE tank and Kai Trucker Hat as you cruise the beach looking for seashells. You can take a lesson from the sea lions bathing in the sun while visiting the beautiful lighthouse. Make sure not miss out on making it over to the boardwalk for some fresh taffy before heading to your next destination.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon, AZ


Photo cred: advantagegrandcanyon.com

Sometimes it pays off to take the long way home. While most tourists find their way to the south rim, we like to avoid the crowds. There are a number of trails to gain different vantage points from of the grandest canyon on earth. Show off your rafting love for those boating the Colorado below by wearing your Rig to Flip lightweight hoodie. You’ll need it when catching the sunrise or sunset because it tends to get chilly on this mountainous side of the canyon.