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Handcrafted Clothing for the Adventurer at Heart

Akinz is a handcrafted lifestyle brand for the adventurer at heart. The Akinz company and our products is infused with the adventurous goals and dreams that it started with.  We take pride in adding handcrafted elements to everything we make.  Our shirts are printed right in our flagship store in Fort Collins, Colorado and we make all of our beanies by hand.

Heading into the wilderness for a day? Weekend? Week?

Here are our camping must haves.

It’s officially June. The sixth month of the year, first month of summer, and it is also Colorado Bike Month and we want to celebrate! Apart from the numerous studies that prove getting outdoors is therapeutic, with all that is swirling around in our lives, we’re encouraging you to take a moment and give yourself a break, step away from your screens, and explore.

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