handcrafted clothing and goods for your everyday adventure

Handcrafted Clothing & Goods for your Everyday Adventure

Our mission is to inspire others to live a life they enjoy.

We hope to help people find the one thing that encourages them to get outside, try something new, or even just bring a piece of the outdoors along with them on their daily adventures in the form of one our graphic tees or handmade beanies.  

Whether it be while snowboarding, mountain biking, or hanging with great friends. We aim to inspire those around us to live an active lifestyle and to "find their wings" because after all, life's too short to settle for the ordinary.

 Outdoor inspired clothing by Akinz


 Fort Collins, CO

Akinz is based in our flagship store in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. We handcraft the majority of our products in the back of the shop where we sell. Come see what we're making!

Handmade  Beanies

We pride ourselves in our handmade beanies.  Working on vintage hand-operated knitting machines, these have been made with fine attention to detail, by the hands of the Akinz shop crew.

In-House Screen Printing

All of our t-shirts and hoodies are screen printed in-house. We love printing small batch runs, custom colors and fun in house designed graphics.

 I can Ride My Bike with no Handlebars Flamingo DesignOur Product

At Akinz, we are ALL about the process. From start to finish... starting with concept, to design, to creating screens, hand printing & lasering artwork, knitting our beanies and hand finishing each piece.  Our entire team has a part in the finished product that you get to take home. We are committed to maintaining this standard - a line of clothing that is good for you and the environment, straight from our team of makers to you.

In our day-to-day operations, you can find us at our local retail shop in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado featuring our handprinted t-shirts, totes, beanies & handcrafted accessories. We also have a selection of artist goods made by other local makers.  



Suzanne Akin, Akinz founderOur Start

Akinz was founded in 2005 by Suzanne Akin with the wings logo and the accompanying motto, "Find Your Wings". 

The Akinz motto is the foundation of our wings logo and is meant to encourage people to find something that motivates them to push life to the limit and reach for the sky. 

The brand grew as Suzanne did, Akinz has roots as a wake boarding brand in Texas, then a snowboarding brand in Steamboat Springs, and finally as the Akinz you see here in Fort Collins…an active lifestyle brand that loves the outdoors, bikes, beer, the mountains & adventure.