Akinz Bike to Work Event

I bike to work everyday. I don't own a car... sold it last winter as it was collecting dust in our parking garage. But, that being said... to bike to work for me is a 2 block jaunt and we live in Old Town Fort Collins, so everything is pretty much a stone's throw away. Therefore, for Bike to Work Day, I wanted to do something exciting with our company.

So, what would be fun to do on Bike to Work Day? Bike, of course! Starting now up until June 22nd at 9:00pm, if you order online and live in the Fort Collins area (which we're defining as between Vine and Harmony and Taft Hill and Timberline) you can choose "By Bike" as your FREE BIKE SHIPPING method and an Akinz representative will deliver your purchase by bike on Bike to Work day. Check out the Bike Delivery Zone map to the right for visual clarification.

Then we got excited about the event and since we make t-shirts, we started wondering about a bike t-shirt for the day... so we're making a special "Commuter Tee" for a Bike Month promotion. Now when you order $50 or more online during June, we're throwing in one of these sweet t-shirts for free. Also, $2 of each Commuter Tee purchase is being donated to the Fort Collins Bike Co-op. We'll even donate the $2 when you earn a free t-shirt by buying $50 or more of gear. The t-shirts are available in 2 colorways in both womens and mens fit and are for sale now online.

Stay tuned for more details as we will be setting up a breakfast station on Bike to Work Day as well. You will also be able to pick up the t-shirts at The Wright Life starting June 15th.


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