Bumpas Birthday Biking

Mountain biking in Moab at the Klondike Bluffs

This past weekend was Bumpas' birthday. Since he fractured the bone in his heel a couple weeks ago, shredding wasn't an option, so we took advantage of the lack of winter and got a headstart on summer in Moab. We tackled 25 1/2 miles of mountain biking in 2 days, hot tubbed it up, grilled out, ate some badass Thai food, and generally wore ourselves out.

Mountain biking Moab - Klondike Bluffs area

Birthday biking grin.

Singha Thai restaurant

Spicy Yellow curry makes me happy.

Taking a break on the Slickrock practice loop

Taking a break out at Slickrock.

Arches National Park - Double Arch

Short trip through Arches National Park on the way out of town.


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