Earth Day! Celebrating our Favorite Outdoor Spaces and the Ways We Try to Preserve Them

Earth Day!  Celebrating our Favorite Outdoor Spaces and the Ways We Try to Preserve Them
Today is Earth Day and we like to think Earth Day is Every Day... as Zella will tell you when you opt out of taking a bag in the store, "Save the World, one branch at a time."  But today is a perfect day to celebrate our favorite outdoor spaces.  
And more importantly, Earth Day is about finding ways to help preserve our Earth. Ways we are working to reduce waste at Akinz:

  • The majority of our orders are shipped in Compostable mailers.  Cut off the shipping label and stick it in your compost!
  • Boxed shipments are sent in plain, unmarked boxes so you can re-use the box to ship a gift, pack something or simply recycle. We also re-use as many shipping materials and boxes as we can.  If you ever see plastic padding materials in your shipment, it was re-used from a shipment we received!
  • In store we only offer paper bags or re-usable shopping totes in an effort to work towards plastic free.
  • Our hang tags and other paper packaging are printed on kraft paper that can be recycled or composted.  
  • Local delivery and Local Pickup options are now a permanent choice when shopping on our website and we'll hold your order as long as you need.  Reduce carbon emissions by riding your bike to grab your gear and avoid letting it be shipped to Denver for processing and back!

  • We offer re-usable tote bags, silicone straws, water bottles, tea towels, coffee mugs and more to help you reduce single-use products in your daily life.
  • We make as many products as possible in store.  This not only supports our local economy, but reduces the carbon footprint by reducing the number of stops a product takes on its journey to your home!
  • Many of our t-shirts are made from organic or recycled materials and we are slowly trying to transition all of our items to US sourced cotton.
  • We try to use up our materials until there's as little as possible to waste.  We make scrappie beanies and scarves from yarn skein remnants.  Our screenprinting 'mistakes' become our new test prints or end up on the sale rack.  No reason to throw them away!

And the reason we do as much as we can is because our Earth is friggin amazing! At Akinz, our motto is "Find Your Wings" which is all about encouraging others to find that one thing that motivates you and pushes you to live life to the limits.  For most of the staff, that something is getting outside into the Great Outdoors!  Our favorite places to explore are those untouched green open spaces that need our protection.  

east coast beach outer banks earth day
"Living in Fort Collins I like to escape to the mountains on a bike regularly, but when I really need to disconnect from today's world, I head to the ocean.  That's where I tend to see our impact the most, I always leave the beach with a bag of trash someone else left behind." - Suzanne (owner & maker of things)

outdoor camping coffee with the sunrise 
"Being outside has always helped my mind feel still and my body feel at peace. Whenever I am able, I try to purchase sustainable every day items that contribute to a large portion of the Earth's pollution. Whenever I'm camping or hiking I always try and bring a bag for trash pick up, leave mother nature more at peace as well 💙💚"  - Zella (shop manager & knitter extraordinaire)

poudre river fort collins earth day
"I send gnarly shit, and when I take a shit I pack it out" - Jack (screen printer and token male)


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