Erika Vikander talks about the S3 Supergirl Jam

Erika Vikander

September 6th 2009
Venice Beach. A place full of things; shops, people, beaches, and on Sunday September 6th, snow! The Supergirl Jam is always a fun competition. Many people down there have never even seen snow, let alone a bunch of girls killing it on a handrail.
Practice was a little scary to watch. Unfortunately there was some carnage right away. After a couple drops everyone seemed to figure out the course and we were off! The first heat went well for me, I had to work for it though. All the other girls were really getting down. Laurie Currier was just dominating all day long and deserved her first place finish.

By finals, I think everyone was pretty hot and tired. Laurie held it down and claimed her first place. Everyone seemed to be pretty equal in ability in the finals, yet some people placed higher than they should have. I was extremely happy about my performance, I landed everything I wanted to.
All in all, Supergirl is one of my favorite competitions to do based on the vibe. It was so nice to be around a bunch of down to earth girls who shred!


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