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Woman in yellow knit sweater and vest wears our Verse Hooded Cowl in front of snowy winter landscape

Winter is coming, and the best way to embrace the season is by making sure you have lots of versatile layers! Whether you spend the cold winter months hitting the slopes or gathered around a fire, effective layering is crucial if you want to enjoy the season to its fullest, and our ever-popular, unisex Verse Hooded Cowl is the perfect accessory to help you do just that.

Just as important as your base layer and puffer jacket is the often overlooked middle layer, providing insulation and helping to retain body heat. Acting as both a scarf and a hood and featuring a functional drawstring, the Verse Hooded Cowl helps you stay cozy by keeping the most important parts of your body warm.

Let's Talk About Snoods

The word snood has been popping up everywhere recently, used to describe everything from scarves to head pieces. Originally, the word referred to the flesh under a turkey's neck (seriously!), and were worn as hairnets by working women in the early 1900s. Snood has now become a popular catch-all for knit infinity scarves, balaclavas, and hooded cowls, and you've definitely seen them all over Instagram.

Why are we talking about snoods? They're functional, warm knits that can also be used as a fashion piece — just like our hooded cowl.


Layer with a beanie or neck warmer for added warmth, wear with your ski helmet or on a hike. And don't worry about losing it in the back of your closet when it starts warming up; the Verse Hooded Cowl is perfect for your spring bike ride or windy fall walk, and is available in over ten colors (drop us a line if you don't see a color you love; we can custom-make one too)!



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