Akinz Colorado Flag Clothing for the Adventurer at Heart

Akinz Colorado Flag Clothing for the Adventurer at Heart

Handmade Colorado Flag Clothing

There is no denying the beauty of the Colorado flag, one of our nation’s most well-loved flags. People all across the globe display their Centennial State pride, by sporting Colorado gear on the slopes and the trail, and we know just why. The colors represent adventure and prosperity, just like all the things you find in Colo-rad-o. As a Colorado-based company, Akinz is proud to supply all the Colorado gear you need, Colorado t-shirts, Colorado flag leggings, Colorado flag hats, and other Colorado apparel that embodies an active lifestyle.

"Handcrafted clothing for the adventurer at Heart"


So what's so special about the Colorado Flag?

Andrew Carlisle Carson dreamed up the Colorado flag in 1911. The state flag has a thick stripe of white that runs horizontal, with blue lining on the top and bottom. The blue represents the beautiful Colorado bluebird skies we all enjoy, (those 300 days of sunshine!). On top of the stripes is a red C that has a gold disk center. The gold represents the gold rush in the late 1800s.  There's still mining towns peppered in the mountains and even just close by in the Poudre Canyon,  while hiking to climbing routes, you may stumble across old mining caves that have long since been abandoned.  The white represents the snowcapped mountains that we love so much to snowboard, hike or mountain bike.  And the red symbolizes the ruddy earth that creates that hero dirt on a confidence-boosting mountain bike day. The Colorado state flag is incorporated into the design of Colorado's state highway markers, making it the only state to incorporate an unaltered flag design into its State Route Marker.





Why We Love the Flag


We are American made. The USA is a country of ingenuity, and we embody that. We also love adventure and more than that we love Colorado. We take pride in adding handcrafted elements to everything we make. Our shirts are designed and hand printed right in our flagship store in Fort Collins, Colorado, and we make the majority of our beanies by hand.



Colorado Gear

From slouchy sweatshirts and racerback tanks for women to colorado hoodies and beanies for men, you’ll find a lot of handmade Colorado flag clothing and accessories to keep you outfitted on all your adventures. There is nothing better than having all the seasons in one day and just as many activities to match.



So no matter where you wander, you can take Akinz Colorado gear with you.





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