Hops + Handrails: Drink Beer Be Happy

Hops + Handrails: Drink Beer Be Happy

Hops & Handrails is one of our favorite events.  It combines three things we love: craft beer (and lots of it), snowboarding, and live music.  Plus it's always our first event of the Spring which means new adventures and celebrations are on their way.

And of course the people you meet at an event focused around beer, snowboarding and music are ALWAYS good people.

So.. about the beer.  There were over 55 craft breweries on hand with unlimited samplers (if you bought the tasting package) and full pours from Lefthand, with all proceeds going to charity.  Definitely the place to be if you want to Drink Beer & Be Happy.

The Winter Park park crew comes out to Longmont with a truck full of snow and some rails and turns Roosevelt Park into a ski hill with its own rail jam right in the middle of the city.  Men, Women & youth come out to compete and since it's springtime, everyone is feeling a little gutsy after a full season of practice.

And did we mention live music?  Lefthand Brewing always puts together line-ups that are high energy and tons of fun for their events (don't miss Leftapalooza, OktoberFest and NitroFest still happening this year) and this year's event didn't disappoint.  They closed out Day 1 with Karl Denson's Tiny Universe a blend of horns and instruments that kept you on your feet and moving.


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