International Analytics and shipping

So, we recently started using Google Analytics to try and figure out who looks at our site and why and where they come from. Anyway, a little feature I just stumbled upon is the visitor map which I instantly spent about 10 minutes playing with. Apparently we have had visitors from 19 different countries, including 4 visitors from Moldova and I'm not even sure where that is.

After figuring that out, I thought now might be a good time to answer a question I get asked a lot, Do you ship internationally? YES! We do ship internationally and have our checkout system set up for about 9 different countries. If you are shopping from Moldova, for instance, and don't find your country on the list but you want to buy something, just shoot me an email and I'll set it up.

Akinz is currently set up to ship our t-shirts, hats, and jewelry to:
Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany, and Sweden

Plus, I just added Moldova... just for fun. :)


  • Suz on

    up to 21 countries! Thanks Estonia and Serbia!

  • Suz on

    Welcome Tunisia!

  • kelly on

    analytics is awesome… sigh…

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