Introducing the Akinz Family Photo Album

A while back we thought we decided that some of our fans pictures of our product are way better than our own. You wear it well. Therefore, we want to honor you in our Akinz Family Photo Album. Send us a picture of you wearing Akinz doing whatever it is you do with a little bit of info about yourself. If we pick your photo to put up on our site in our Akinz Family Photo Album, then we'll send you a free t-shirt! If you'd rather get a discount for a future order so you can pick your shirt, let us know, we're down with that too.

Here's how to submit your pics:

E-mail the picture (at least 650 pixels wide) to us at info(at) with the subject line: Family Photo Album.
Include in the email:
Your Name:
What you do:
Photo credit (if needed):
Where you live:
Any caption you'd like to add for the photo:
How you find your wings (AKA... what gets you excited about life):

And also for our office purposes only.. your mailing address and t-shirt size (male or female) so we can ship out your goods right away if we use your photo. Also, if you would rather have a 20% discount code to use on our website (good for 2 weeks after issuing), let us know and we'll e-mail it right back to you.


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