Team Rider Max hosts backyard rail jam bday bash

Max Middlestadt talks about his upcoming rail jam comp set in his very own backyard:

For everyone who rides, you know there's no better feeling than that first pre-season drop-in on your backyard jib. After a solid shoveling session at the local arena, the trailer is loaded up and en route to the about-to-be shredded setup. Every year around this time me and the local crew get together to enjoy those first runs of the season. To me its hard to beat having your good friends out, best tunes, and a fun setup to throw down on right at your own place, so last season i got the idea to get all my buddies out and have one big jam. With a 28' long down flat down box, live DJ, product to give away (courtesy of Akinz, Dialogue, and United Riders) and my birthday the day after i think there is definitely potential to have a wicked night with close friends, and good tricks. Sights are set on Friday October 23, to hold the jam and things are looking up right now just hoping the weather holds out for us.

backyard jam

Akinz is delivering some goodies for the winners, so if you're up in Canada... get out there. :)


  • Claire Demeyer on

    hey happy early birthday – it sounds like a great time but where is it? cause i live in keystone… anywhere near there?
    please let me know

  • Suz on

    Haha, nope… not even close. Up in Canada. Sorry!

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