The Best Lightweight Beanies for Spring

Lightweight beanies and layers for spring hikes

Spring is officially here, but we all know that doesn't mean that beanie season is over! To help you stay comfy during shoulder seasons and summer camping adventures, we've put together a list of the best lightweight beanies for spring. You'll even want to wear these beanies all summer.  

The majority of our beanies are handcrafted in house at our Fort Collins workshop, so if you don't see the color you want, just ask! We love to make custom beanies.


MVP lightweight beanie gif

1. MVP Beanie

Our MVP Beanie is our most classic watchman cap style fit, and comes in a wide variety of colors.  The newest colors are spotlighted above, glacier blue, diver blue, purple, sandstone and forest floor.

These soft, lightweight beanies can be worn unfolded for a slouchy fit or cuffed for extra warmth on chilly spring mornings, making it the perfect spring and summer beanie.  This beanie is soft, stretchy, easy to throw in a bag and Made in the USA!  There's just a few of the reasons this beanie will be the MVP of your spring wardrobe.



woman wearing verve lightweight beanie


2. Verve Beanie

With a semi-slouchy fit and ribbed brim, our multicolor striped Verve Beanie is a classic choice for a mens and womens slouchy beanie. The single layer around the ears is enough to keep you protected but not too heavy for an alpine hike.

New color combinations releasing this week!  Or choose your own colors for a custom beanie.




man wearing grey Jackson trio lightweight beanie


3. Jackson Beanie

The Jackson Beanie is a classic slouchy, single layer lightweight knit beanie with a rolled edge. This beanie is perfect for packing in a backpack and light enough to fit under a ski helmet if you're still soaking up the last of the winter weather. 

The rolled edge allows you to adjust the length of the beanie to your perfect fit with a double sided Akinz wings label. Available as a solid color or as a striped trio of colors.



sorbet lightweight beanie

4. Sorbet Beanie

The Sorbet Beanie's light yarn and open stitch make it an ultra-lightweight beanie perfect for spring and summer. The multi-color combinations and bright happy colors add that pop of spring to your outfits that we all crave this time of year, or choose your own colors for a custom beanie.  

Whether you are looking to add a little warmth to your springtime adventures or add some color to your vibe, this is the ultimate lightweight spring and summer beanie.



woman wearing teal luna twist headband lightweight beanie

5. Luna Twist Headband

Ok, it's not a beanie, but the Luna Twist headband is one of our newest knits, and it's just in time for spring! Lighter than a beanie and ideal for both spring and summer, the Luna Twist is an all-year-round staple.

Available in 3 colors online, but we can make this headband in almost any color!  If you need an accessory in a specific color, reach out and we would love to make it for you!




6. Ziggy Headband

A little thicker than the Luna Headband but still lightweight enough for spring, the Ziggy Headband is warm enough for early spring adventures and cute enough to jazz up any outfit.

We created this pattern specifically for the dopamine factor... the brighter the color, the better!  But if you're more of a neutral person, reach out, we can definitely make you a headband to match your jacket or favorite hoodie!


If you don't live in Colorado or another mountain state, you may be confused by this whole "spring beanie" concept. haha.  Come visit us and go camping at elevation in the Rocky Mountains and you'll see the need for a good spring  beanie.  

However, if you don't have any plans to vacation our way, take a look at our new spring hats if that is more of your spring style!!


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