Trip to Arizona anyone?

Havasu Falls Arizona

So I'll admit it, I've never been to the Grand Canyon. I've driven through Arizona while taking the long way back from Texas to Colorado, but I've only done my 'sight-seeing' from a moving car. And in all of the road trips back and forth between Colorado and Vegas or Colorado and Cali, we've never had the time to make the detour to see this 'grand' sight. And yes, I'd like to see it, but that's not why I suddenly feel the need to make the trip. Skip to the above picture:

In one word: SOLD.

This is a picture from Havasu Falls, a not so secret location, but difficult enough to get to that you'll leave all the gawking Griswolds behind. I recently checked out some pics from a friend's Omniten Arizona Trip with Columbia and that's when the jealous scheming began. Then one of my favorite blogs, Adventure Journal, posted the above pic on their blog of 5 Great American Swimming Holes.

So... I'm in. Who's coming with me? We can stop off in Flagstaff, party with some peeps I know, then head to the Grand Canyon and swim in the aforementioned falls or see beautiful things like this:

We can even stop at all the spas and golf courses if you're feeling frisky.


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