Why You Need to Plan a Hut Trip This Winter

Why You Need to Plan a Hut Trip This Winter

A classic Colorado winter activity, hut trips are the perfect way to adventure outdoors, spend time with friends, and enjoy some quality backcountry skiing or snowshoeing. A trek into the snowy mountains and a stay at a secluded cabin is one of the most rewarding winter experiences; and you get to share it all with the friends or family you bring along.


So... What exactly is a hut trip?


Hut trips aren't a luxury vacation, but they are memorable bonding experiences that offer plenty of opportunities for adventure! A hut trip involves hiking, skiing, or snowshoeing to a cabin that will either act as your base for exploring the surrounding area or as the first stop on your trip through a hut system.

Often, these huts will have communal bedrooms, which means some can sleep 30 or more guests! These larger huts are commonly shared between two or more groups, but there are plenty of huts that only book one group at a time. Huts typically have a wood-burning stove for heat and basic kitchen and bathroom amenities (note that this doesn't necessarily mean an oven and flushable toilet).


Why should I take a hut trip?

I know, we just said it's cold, the toilets don't flush, and you probably won't have the equipment to bake a casserole (or cake, or soufflé). But I promise there are tons of great reasons to take a hut trip this winter, and we'll go through a few of them here:

Sweet backcountry skiing

For skiers and snowshoers (and snowmobilers and winter hikers, too), a hut trip offers immediate access to some of the best Colorado has to offer. With locations throughout the Rocky Mountains, including high-altitude huts with proximity to 14ers, there are tons of options for winter adventurers of all levels.

Bond with your pod and make new friends

Because of their communal sleeping and eating arrangements, winter hut trips can be a great bonding experience for your friend group. And because the larger huts often accommodate multiple groups of people using the same trails, you're likely to make some new friends! What better way to build and strengthen connections than a long day of outdoor adventuring?


A hut trip offers a real escape from hyper-connected, fast-paced modern life. For many, the opportunity to live simply in the mountains for a weekend is welcome. Filling your days with fresh mountain air and spending evenings by the wood-burning stove is enough to make you not want to leave!


When packing for a winter hut trip, remember to bring lots of warm layers, including ski socks, something to keep your head warm, and cozy clothes and a blanket for nights by the fire.


*Huts are located in backcountry woods and mountains, often with unmarked trails and in areas with potential for avalanche. Before going on a hut trip make sure you have the gear and requisite skills to get to the hut. If in doubt, hire a guide!


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