Akinz adds Damon Butler to the team!

Damon Butler, a snowboard slopestyle competitor out of Steamboat Springs, CO, has joined the Akinz team. Damon made the switch from competing in halfpipe to slopestyle this season and apparently it was a good decision, as he recently claimed first at the USASA Rocky Mountain series in slopestyle that was held in Copper on January 9th, 2010. We expect more medals to be thrown his way soon.

Damon’s one of those riders that is super focused, super committed, but always has time to stop and help somebody out with whatever they’re working on.

He’s super fun to ride with as you’ll just be chilling along a run when all of a sudden he spins a backflip off a bump you barely saw. He can throw backside double corks off kickers and doesn’t even break a sweat.

We’re super excited to add him to our team and can promise you’ll be seeing his name around quite a bit.


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