Erika Vikander takes 1st place at Canyons NYE Rail Jam

This year's Canyons New Years Eve rail jam found our Akinz team rider, Erika Vikander, in first place. Hear about the event straight from her mouth:

erikaThe Canyons hosted their 3rd annual New Years Eve rail jam on Thursday, December 31. They went all out this year. The setup was awesome! You had an option of two zones. Zone 1 started you off with a nice single barrel down rail, to a double barrel down-flat-down, to a fence. Zone 2 contained a fun box with a nice little drop off the end, to a giant corrugated tube, that you could either jib, or hit like a jump, ending with a VW Rabbit Jib.

All of the riders were pumped and the session commenced. We had about an hour long jam session, throughout which judges were tapping riders and letting them know whether or not they made finals. All of the finalists were given glow sticks! After receiving one I decided to take it easy until finals started.
After a short intermission to fix the course finals started. By that time the snow had slowed down a little bit, and everyone was tired. There were a couple of bad falls due to fatigue. In the end I came out on top with $100 and Alice Gong took second.

I hope The Canyons continues to put on events like this. It was so nice to go to an event that was well maintained and FUN! The crowd was pumped, live music, fireworks, what more could you ask for?



  • Boudah on

    Keep with it Erika, you’re awesome!

  • Cherrie Kibler on

    I heard about this eBay listing for New Year’s week at Park City for a great price. Check it out –

  • Cydette Perell on

    I have seen Erika at several events including the rail jam at Venice Beach … In so many words Erika should be known as Air Erika.
    Keep on keeping on…

  • Suz on

    We couldn’t agree more, Cydette! I wish I had her front board in my bag of tricks, that’s for sure.

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