Akinz moving to Old Town Fort Collins!

After a lot of contemplation and discussion about what should be Akinz' next step, we've decided to move towards opening a storefront in Old Town Fort Collins. We've secretly been scouting out new locations and are hoping to make the move soon. However, since we've never had our own physical storefront before, we need a lot of capital upfront to pay deposit, rent, setup for utilities, and expansion of our inventory! So, we're running a fundraiser on Community Funded. What is Community Funded? Check out the video:

So basically, you guys can give a little or give a lot and help Akinz get to our goal for this fundraiser! Different levels of pledges are rewarded with different types of exclusive product. Give as little as $1 and help send us on our way! We'll love you long time.

Can't give any money right now? That's ok, we still love you. If you could share the fundraiser with any friends that might be interested though, that would be great!


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