Breckenridge Throwback Throwdown

Erika Vikander on the corrugated sidewall at the Throwback Throwdown

On Saturday we ventured out to Breckenridge to check out the Throwback Throwdown halfpipe competition. Erika Vikander was competing... wait, did you say Erika was competing in a halfpipe competition? Yes. Erika doesn't normally do halfpipe comps... she's a slopestyle gal. But how can you pass up an opportunity to have a lot of fun slaying it in an old-school hand-shaped halfpipe with the likes of Danny Davis and Luke Mitrani?

We wouldn't.

Anyway, so we get out there just in time for the guys to be seshing the handmade pipe as a warm-up. The first portion of the comp was spent in a full-size competition pipe but the second part of the day was a 30-minute jam-style session to see who would move on to the finals. The women got a little bit of a break since there was only 6 competing and they just did 1 30-minute session to decide the winner. Overall results are below.

Women's Overall
1. Rebecca Sinclair
2. Sylvia Mittermueller
3. Ariel Gold

Men's Overall
1. Zach Black
2. Dom Harrington
3. Taylor Gold

Of course a good day in Breckenridge always requires Happy Hour tacos and pitchers at Mi Casa. All in all a great day. Check out all the pics from the comp below.


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