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Colorado Spring Ski Music Series - Weekend Warrior Guide

Posted by Akinz Shop on

Springtime in ColoradoThere is no place we would rather be than Colorado in the springtime. There's something special about the moment you head to the bar for a well-deserved drink after a long day of...

We <3 Handmade

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

We have met a lot of people recently who were not aware of the handcrafted elements that make our clothing so special. Well, it all started when Suzanne decided to start printing tees herself on...

90 seconds of stoke with Claire

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

Claire Hewitt-Demeyer was asked to guest star in another edition of 90 Seconds of Stoke on Lake Tahoe Television. Check out this compilation of some of last season's expeditions. 90 sec of stoke claire from...

Claire grabs 3rd at the Northstar Trans Am!

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

From Claire --Trans Am made their 7th stop at Northstar last Saturday. Northstar's park crew created a really fun, and creative layout for the competition. With 12 features and three jumps, the course gave riders...

Breckenridge Throwback Throwdown

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

On Saturday we ventured out to Breckenridge to check out the Throwback Throwdown halfpipe competition. Erika Vikander was competing... wait, did you say Erika was competing in a halfpipe competition? Yes. Erika doesn't normally do...

Claire Hewitt-Demeyer's trip to Bear and Billabong Flaunt It

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

This past weekend a few friends and I traveled to Bear Mountain, Ca. If anyone is looking for a fun and affordable mountain, Bear is the place to visit. For $56 you can shred park...

Erika Vikander's Update - Cholula Triple Air & Dew Tour

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

Erika has been traveling and competing over the last month and managed to bang herself up pretty good. Here's her update on her experience at the Cholula Triple Air and Dew Tour in Snowbasin.After a...

3rd Annual Sunglasses at Night Party

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

For the third year of Akinz Sunglasses at Night Party, we're bringing the party to 2 different cities, both in Steamboat Springs & Fort Collins. Two different parties, two different nights, twice the fun. Details...

Otterbox banners at XGames

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

If you're out at the X-Games, check out these awesome banners from Otterbox featuring two of our team riders, Erika Vikander and Ryan Hryckiewicz. Yay for Fort Collins business collaboration!