Cache La Poudre Benefit Tee

Cache La Poudre Benefit Tee

December’s Cache la Poudre artist edition tee was designed by local artist and Colorado State alumni Tyler Austin. The design, originally made as a woodcut relief print, was inspired by Tyler’s passion for the river he grew up on and the canyon which provided an outdoor playground for so many transformative life experiences.

If you missed the opportunity to get a Cache la Poudre shirt and support the CPRW, we will be printing one more run of the design this month on black long-sleeve tees!

We will also be printing this design tonight, January 3rd, from 6pm-9pm as part of our First Friday event so come on out to Akinz to hang out with us, support a local non-profit and get yourself an artist edition tee!

Whether kayaking, climbing, rafting, hiking, backcountry touring, taking a dip, or seeing live music at the Mishawaka I feel like the Cache la Poudre has provided plentiful experiences for so many of us as individuals as well as the Fort Collins community as a whole.”

“For all that the river has provided for me and my community I wanted to find some way to give back to this beautiful environment and help sustain its ecological health for future generations to enjoy.”

Tyler Austin

All of us at Akinz share Tyler’s passion for the Cache la Poudre and we have decided to donate $3 of every purchase of the Cache la Poudre artist edition tee to the local ecological conservation non-profit Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed. CPRW is an amazing organization with the mission “to improve and maintain the ecological health of the Poudre River Watershed through community and collaboration.” Find out more about their work at

What are some of your fondest memories and tales of adventure in our backyard playground of the Cache la Poudre river and canyon? 


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