Claire hits up Boreal Mountain

Boreal decided to open up to all that cared to trek to Southern Cali for a day of fun in July and of course our newly California-local rider, Claire Hewitt-Demeyer, trekked out there to get her shred on and snag some pics. See what Claire had to say about the day:

Snowboarding in the middle of the summer, is there anything better? Boreal brought a smile to every local rider in California this weekend! They opened one lift, with a run including two jumps and eight jib features. Boreal was charging only $20 to shred from ten till two! every rider/skier came to the resort with great vibes, it was another amazing day in Cali! I to want give a big thanks out to Nathan Vetter for posting up and taking some great shots! Boreal will be opening in October for some early pre season riding. Hope everyone out there is going for a never summer like myself!

Claire Hewitt-Demeyer at BorealClaire Demeyer hitting a railClaire Hewitt-DemeyerClaire on battleshipClaire Hewitt-Demeyer huge butter


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