Colorado Summer Adventure Bucketlist

Colorado Summer Adventure Bucketlist


Get ready to go play outside and make the most of the 300 days of Colorado Sunshine with our Colorado Adventure Bucket List!!!

Hit the trails! Could be a mission hike to that summit you’ve been wanting to conquer, a fun and gritty bike ride, maybe a run where you can feel the fresh mountain air with each breath! Or just a nature stroll with your pup, anyway you can soak in some nature and Vitamin D :) 

Here are some of our favorite moderate trails across Colorado! Grab some essentials before the trek- some hiking or biking socks, a water bottle, and a can cooler for that inevitable summit beer ;) Or if it’s an early morning hike grab a camp mug for a trail side cup of coffee.

Crack Open a Cold One and enjoy some tunes! Check out our favorite Colorado breweries and bands this summer! Grab your favorite can cooler or pint glass and go crack open a cold one on the front porch or while sunbathing on a brewery patio. Throw in some local music with that craft beer and you have a perfect summer evening on your hands! 

Being that we’re from the “Napa Valley of Beer” otherwise known as Fort Collins, Colorado... we have to give a shout out to our favorite local Foco Breweries first! These are our top picks for the best patios or atmosphere.

Fort Collins Breweries we LOVE:

Colorado Bands hailing from Fort Collins:

Other Colorado Breweries you might wanna check out:

Buckle Up and Hit the Road! Take some time to explore new places! Could be a quick trip down the road to that spot you’ve always wanted to see but haven’t taken the time to explore. Maybe your curiosity takes you on a week-long road trip in your camper van. Grab the essentials - one of our outdoor graphic tees, one of your favorite Akinz low profile hats, some inspiration for adventure and then go make some new memories in new places! 

Find Your Wings!: To us, a true bucket list should include something you would NEVER do on a typical day, but maybe just wanna try just to see if you CAN do it. 

We challenge you to find your wings in new places and try an activity that has never really peaked your interest. At the very least, we can promise you that you’ll be proud of yourself for trying, and we’ll be proud of you too! 

Last but certainly not least on our bucket list is spending time with those that you love. Do anything and everything you can with those close to your heart. Go grab a beer, listen to music, hit the trails, plan a road trip, discover a new love for something and everything in-between! Do it all with the people who matter most :)


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