‚ú®ūüĆ≤Meet the adventurous souls behind Akinz!

‚ú®ūüĆ≤Meet the adventurous souls behind Akinz!

Meet the incredible individuals who make the Akinz magic happen!¬† Our close-knit team is dedicated to crafting outdoor clothing and gear that ignites your adventurous spirit. Dive into their stories and¬†learn more about what drives our team's passion for the great outdoors. Keep reading for the full scoop on these awesome team people!‚ú®ūüíõ ūüĆü

Name: Suzanne 

Role at Akinz: Visionary Founder, Designer, Screen Printer, and Knitting Queen

Passions: Adventuring outdoors, design, mountain-biking, crafting, plants

You can find her: Thinking up new ideas and making awesome products for Akinz, tearing up the mountain bike trails with her hubby, enjoying a craft beer, gardening, or hanging out with her two huskies, Kuma and Yuki.

Favorite thing about working at Akinz: "I love being a maker. I love learning and seeing things made start to finish. Every time we make something new here it breathes new life into the job. I also like teaching team members how to make something and seeing them grow their love for making too."


Name: Jack

Role at Akinz: Head Screen Printer and Token Male

Passions: Screen printing, river rafting, rock-climbing

You can find him: Snowboarding, rafting, disc golfing, searching for sushi, or spending time with his lady and his cat, Theodore

Favorite thing about working at Akinz: "My favorite thing about working at Akinz is the opportunity to create new things with my hands. I'm excited to make products that people will enjoy while on their own adventures!"



Name: Zella

Role at Akinz: Head Knitter and Manager Extraordinaire

Passions: Knitting, making art, hiking

You can find her: Painting, repurposing thrifted items, collaging, or spending time with her cat Kiyko and friends

Favorite thing about working at Akinz: "That we offer unique clothing that can be tailored to everyone's personality.  We take custom orders for different colors of shirts or beanies so people can get exactly what they want.  Plus, we all take part in making all of the things so seeing people wearing our products when I'm outside of work always puts a smile on my face."


Name: Dee

Role at Akinz: Production Assistant and Junior Designer

Passions: Digital art, board games, cooking

You can find her: Drawing, at one of Fort Collins' many breweries, playing scrabble, or cooking curry at home.

Favorite thing about working at Akinz: "My favorite thing about working at Akinz is how much I'm learning! I'm so happy that I can continue to learn so much after having graduated."


Name: Mia

Role at Akinz: Printing Apprentice and Retail Associate

Passions: Pottery, jewelry, rock-climbing

You can find her: Tearing up the Fort Collins bike trails, rollerblading the Poudre trail, studying at CSU, or making pottery for friends and family

Favorite thing about working at Akinz: "I like that I get to do a lot of different things and the role is wide open."


Name: Kylee

Role at Akinz: Retail Sales Associate and Production Assistant  

Passions: Working with animals, cosplay, crafting

You can find her: At Frontrange studying veterinary medicine, crafting her own stunning cosplays, or at a convention showing off her creations

Favorite thing about working at Akinz: "I love to help make the products and chat with all the customers. I've loved Akinz since the brick and mortar store opened in 2012, so working here is pretty awesome."


Name: Jenny

Role at Akinz: Queen Seamstress

Passions: All crafty projects, growing things, and making things from scratch

You can find her: Walking her dogs Polly and Niko, cooking, looking at her flowers, crafting, and hiking

Favorite thing about working at Akinz: "Working with my bestie and getting to make things!"


The next time you visit our store, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself to our incredible¬†Akinz family.¬†We're¬†here to help you find your wings and make your next adventure unforgettable. ‚ú®ūüíõ


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